Christmas AR
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Christmas AR Magic: Luxury Brands Revolutionizing Holiday Marketing

Explore Tiffany and DIOR's innovative AR campaigns that blend digital creativity with Christmas magic, redefining luxury marketing for the festive season.

While we adorn Christmas trees with friends and family, luxury brands are innovating ways to bring the North Pole’s magic into our homes. Festive seasons ignite luxury brands’ creativity, now harnessing AR technology for digital marketing, enabling consumers to bask in this festive atmosphere from home.

But how can marketers capture the holiday spirit and bring its magic to vivid life?

Kivisense has selected some brands’ Christmas AR campaigns for this year, inviting you on a digital journey to experience the enchanting ambiance of the holiday season at home!

Christmas AR

Tiffany: A Digital Fantasy City of Christmas Delights

What can be done to create a Christmas atmosphere beyond the usual tree, snowmen, and lights? Tiffany & Co. broke through traditional sales scenarios and launched a holiday fantasy city on their WeChat mini-program. This project intertwined 3D product displays with AR jewelry try-ons, attracting a high-quality customer base to the brand. Once users become city citizens by registering as brand members, they can explore the joyful ambiance of the city and unlock romantic holiday surprises.

Digital Fantasy City | Thematic Exploration Experience

This city, draped in whimsical 2.5D illustrations and Tiffany’s iconic blue, infuses various products into its fabric, enticing users to discover joyous wonders.

Christmas AR

The city comprises eight thematic areas, each offering unique gift lists unlocked through engaging activities like snow globe shakes or a New Year countdown, fostering communal winter joy. Each themed scene paired with diverse SKUs guides consumers to clear purchase paths while enhancing cross-selling, elevating brand exposure and sales.

Christmas AR

Users can also create romantic messages for their loved ones, embedding these sentiments within snowflakes to offer a festive surprise. This not only meets consumers’ emotional needs but also sparks social sharing and virality.

Seamless 3D Display | Simplifying the Shopping Journey

Tiffany has incorporated a 3D display feature into its gift list, allowing consumers to explore a variety of necklaces, earrings, and rings through a 720-degree rotation and zoom feature. This enables a close-up view of Tiffany’s brilliant designs and luxurious craftsmanship, deepening the brand’s imprint in the customers’ minds.

The high-performance 3D rendering technology creates a dazzling Tiffany holiday world for the users. This seamless 3D interactive experience simplifies the discovery process, enhancing the sensory experience with impactful visual presentations and thus boosting the brand’s online sales conversion.

AR Jewelry Try-On | A ‘Try Before You Buy’ Online Shopping Experience

After selecting a target in the gift list, users can jump to the product detail page and access the AR jewelry try-on experience. A simple hand photo lets users see the effects of various rings and bracelets, increasing consumer confidence in their purchases.

Christmas AR

They can also generate themed posters for sharing or directly visit Tiffany’s online boutique, significantly shortening the sharing and purchasing journey.

Christmas AR

Tiffany, by creating an immersive Christmas-themed brand space and utilizing various digital interactive technologies, has rapidly achieved a “desire-try-buy” conversion process. This approach brings an unprecedented sensory impact and emotional resonance to consumers, thoroughly addressing the pain points of online marketing for luxury fashion brands.

DIOR: Illuminating Christmas with AR Magic

As a veteran player in Christmas marketing, DIOR has launched AR face filters and packaging in its official mini program, broadening the art experience and aesthetic realm beyond consumer behavior.

The program features a giant butterfly surrounded by blooming flowers, singing praises to the brand’s endless love for magnificent nature and blooming gardens.

Christmas AR

AR Filters | Comprehensive User Engagement

In “Golden Butterfly Dance,” DIOR uses AR to enhance festive gift bags, offering purchasers a luxurious experience and attracting potential customers.

Pointing the AR lens at the festive gift bag reveals a starlight scene, with roses and butterflies dancing in the air, creating a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere rich in Christmas spirit and brand allure.

Christmas AR

Switching to the front camera, users can capture and create posters using AR facial filters, encapsulating the enchanting moment surrounded by butterflies.

Christmas AR

In the “Sincere Blessings” experience, users can generate personalized electronic greeting cards with just a voice or text command. This feature allows users to share festive joy with family and friends, enhancing the unlimited fun of AR.

Christmas AR

DIOR swiftly captures user attention with aesthetically pleasing digital content and creative interactions, building brand awareness and consensus, thus forging a strong brand image.

This competitive Christmas marketing landscape sees brands deploying digital creativity to capture consumer attention. As digital interaction technologies evolve, immersive marketing thresholds expand. 3D, AR, and VR will continue to shine brightly in luxury brands’ innovative practices.

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