Virtual Watch Try-On: Try Any Watch in Real Time with a Single Tap

Unleash Ultra-Realistic 3D Models and Cutting-Edge AR Wrist Scanning. Virtually Try On a Myriad of Timepieces, Explore Diverse Strap Styles, and Elevate Sales with Engaging AR Watch Try-on Solutions.
Virtual Watch try on

Show Highly Realistic 3D Watch Models, Conveying Luxury and Quality

Provide personal online shopping guidance to highlight product details in 3D, driving changes in retail traffic for your brand. Let customers examine product details from different angles to make confident decisions. Use AI for accurate AR wrist tracking, offering a realistic try-on experience.

Immersive AR Virtual Watch Fittings, No Extra Steps Needed, Instant Try-Ons

Create engaging online shopping experiences, meeting the essential pre-purchase need to try on watches. Build a strong connection between your brand and customers, boosting traffic and brand profits in AR livestream. Easy sharing with friends, encouraging social sharing and boosting footwear and brand visibility and sales.

Speed Up Your Brand's Digital Transformation with AR Watch Try-On

Integrate the AR watch try-on feature across your website, app, and more, strengthening your brand’s online strategy. Analyze data to optimize product design and marketing. Enhance your web page with Kivisense’s AR watch solutions for a fantastic Omni-channel shopping experience.

Benefits of Virtual Try-On for Watches

Enhanced Conversions

Increased engagement and personalisation boost your profits and sales.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Exceed customers’ expectations
by providing them more
assurance about the watch and
how it will look on them.

Omnichannel Integration

Virtual Try-On for watches can be
placed on your brand’s website.
e-commerce site, mobile app,
and in-store fitting mirror.

Higher Engagement

Maintain customer engagement across platforms with VTO AR watch solutions

Personalized Fitting Experience

Provide a personalized watch try-on experience based on an individual’s preferences.

Competitive Edge

Adoption of cutting-edge tech to create a digital competitive advantage for your watch brand and outperform competitors.

Leave Your Customers Wanting More

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