3D/AR Bag Interaction & Virtual Bag Try-on | Empowering Fashion Retail Transformation

Flexible 3D/AR bag viewing and try-on solutions to accelerate your digital evolution to empower bag brands to provide immersive, personalized shopping experiences while boosting brand engagement and conversion rates
AR Bag Placement

3D Bag Interaction: Crafting a Hyper-Realistic Product Showcase

Utilizing high-performance 3D rendering tech to faithfully reproduce bag and accessory colors and materials, maximizing the presentation of handbag’s texture.
One-tap unpacking provides a visual and size comparison of the bag’s exterior and interior, assisting consumers in purchase decisions and reducing return rates.
Supporting a 720° view of the bag’s exterior and internal craftsmanship, sparking interest and conversion, contributing to increased sales.

AR Bag Placement: Elevating Brand Communication & Boosting Traffic

Enabling the virtual placement of bag 3D models in the real environment through AR tech.
Facilitating a better understanding of product dimensions and appearance by comparing them with the real environment.
Placing 3D bags next to real clothing for an intuitive understanding of the overall look.

Virtual Bag Try-on: Creating an Immersive Online Shopping Experience

Using AR tech to virtually try on bags, providing a real-time dynamic AR try-on experience that rivals physical try-ons to provide customers with immersive and customized online shopping experience.Seamless integration into the product details interface, enabling an “See-try-buy” experience and shortening the purchase journey.
AR bag try-on supports one-tap photos and sharing, satisfying users’ desire to share and accelerating brand acquisition.

Flexible 3D/AR Bag Viewing and Try-on Solutions: Accelerate Digital Transformation

Creating a new interactive mode between bag brands and users to expedite the accumulation of private traffic and enhance brand monetization capabilities. Customizing personalized interactive content for brands to facilitate their swift embrace of digitization. Integrating 3D bag display and AR try-on experiences across various platforms such as brand websites, apps, prints, in-store magic mirror, reinforcing a brand’s omnichannel strategy. Supporting backend data analysis to assist brands in optimizing product design and marketing strategies.

Benefits of Virtual Try-On for Shoes

Enhanced Conversions

Increased engagement and personalisation boost your profits and sales.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Exceed customers’ expectations
by providing them more
assurance about the handbag and
how it will look on them.

Omnichannel Integration

“AR Bag Try-On & Viewing” button can be placed into your brand’s website.e-commerce site, mobile app, prints and in-store try-on mirror.

Higher Engagement

Maintain customer engagement across platforms with 3D & AR bag solutions.

Personalized Try-on Experience

ar bag

Provide a personalized virtual bag try-on experience based on an individual’s preferences.

Competitive Edge

Adoption of cutting-edge tech to create a digital competitive advantage for your jewelry brand and outperform competitors.

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