Subscription for AR Shoes Try-on

Our pricing plans are based on the CPV(views per month), please choose one that works within your budget. Be free to contact us for customized plans.

This service also includes the unlimited traffic/view of 3D Interaction.

Pricing for AR Shoes Try-on

License TypeAnnual Subscription
with 2 months off
Available views
per month
Extra Cost
per view
License #2
License #1
contact uscontact us100,000$0.035
Pro Licensecontact uscontact us10,000$ 0.08

*When the available views are running out, you can choose between to freeze the Try-on button or to accept extra cost keeping the try-on function available.

Please feel free to reach us on WhatsApp: +86 13668246642 or

In addition, the Server Cluster and global CDN are supported, so there is no need to worry about speed or other problems.

Thank you for your supports. It’s our pleasure to Augment your value in Reality