Pricing for AR Shoes Try-on

Kivisense for Business offers brands in need of AR shoes try-on solutions and provides the widest ranges of services. Our pricing plans are based on the CPV(views per month), please choose one that works within your budget. Be free to contact us for customized plans.

What’s Included:

✔ Unlimited traffic/view of 3D Interaction

✔ Optimization & training sessions throughout the partnership

✔ The Server Cluster and global CDN are supported, no speed problem

✔ Provide Customized pricing based on your specific needs

Choose A Plan for Your Business


All Watermarked AR Try-on for this Plan. Upgrade Your Plan to Remove Watermarks.

  • Free Integration
  • Live-Mode Try-On
  • Zoom in & Out
  • Unlimited Try-Ons
  • Shareable AR Content
  • No Coding for Beginners
  • Website, App, Shopify
  • Interactive try-on Button


or $44,990/year and SAVE 17%.

300,000 views available per month, $0.016 per extra view

  • ALL Things in SILVER PlAN
  • 100 Footwear SKUs
  • 300,000 views per month
  • $0.016 per extra view
  • 30-Day FREE Trail
  • Full Customization Options
  • No Watermark
  • Professional Consultant Service Support

*When the available views run out, you may either freeze the Try-on button or pay an additional cost to keep the try-on option active. Get a free domain connection with our service, and upgrade to our Platinum Plan for free brand domain connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kivisense offers a turnkey, category specific solution that services your unique market needs.

How Is The Virtual Try-on Shoes Solution Priced

Pricing is determined by a variety of factors, the most important of which are
1. Product catalog size
2. The number of monthly website sessions (traffic) 
3. New products added each month
4. Customization

What Is The Payment Schedule

Kivisense virtual try-on supports monthly, semi-annual or annual depending on contract value.

Is There A Signup, Setup, or Integration Fee

There is no extra cost.

Kivisense provides an omnichannel service that suits your specific needs.

Ready to Get Started?

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