Kivisense AR Sneaker Try-on – Double Sales & Better ROI 2021

Virtual shoes try-on enables brands to get more engagement and better ROI. Their users can find perfect sneakers before buying with AR shoe try-on.

Buying sneakers offline is inconvenient because you must first visit a nearby shopping mall and then locate a sneaker store with shoes in various sizes, colors, and designs. Alternatively, shopping online is the way to go! However, there is still an issue of being unable to try them on, which may result in time-consuming returns due to disappointing effects. As a result, user engagement and sales conversion for e-commerce will decrease significantly. Also, you won’t buy the most expensive limited-edition sneakers without first trying them on, and you’ll end up missing out on the latest trends. With AR sneaker try-on, you can always keep up with the latest fashion trends. Read on to achieve a threefold increase in engagement and two times more sales conversion.

AR Sneaker Try-On: Virtual Try Before You Buy

Virtual try-before-you-buy is taking the fashion industry by storm, catering for everyone from busy moms to office workers to travelers. Users can virtually try on the latest sneakers, shoes, watches, high jewelry, eyewear, and other items using a hand-held smartphone. Overall, a virtual sneaker try-on is a cutting-edge technique for customers to experience their favorite, new, or upcoming sneakers with a camera-equipped device. Through augmented reality, everyone can easily visualize the sneakers they’re interested in, interact with them, and confirm the style before purchasing. This is also the best representation of “See Now, Buy Now”.

Given that many people are still confused about how it works, the following part will provide a more in-depth and intuitive look at the highlights and advantages of AR technology.

Kivisense AR Sneaker Try-on: Real-time AI Tracking & Fast 3D Rendering

Kivisense, a leading AR solution provider with AI focus, has developed professional AR algorithms and 3D rendering engines, laying the foundation for the production of rich AR scenes in a variety of industries. With its Kivicube WebAR Authoring Platform, users can use image tracking, object tracking, markerless, etc., and create amazing scenes in 5 minutes without any codes. Whether you want to integrate AR sneaker try-on into the Web, an App, or even an EC SaaS like Shopify, Kivisense is the best choice. The main technical highlights are as follows:

Real-time AI Detection, Recognition, and Tracking

Kivisense foot tracking algorithm can detect, recognize and track your feet in real-time, which makes your feet properly fit into the 3D shoe model. If you want to freely move, adjust your feet, change the angle of your camera, or even walk, you don’t have to worry about the visual effect because the tracking is instant and works well.

AR Shoes Try-on — Tracking
Track AR Shoes Try-on

Fast 3D Rendering: Immersive AR Shoes Try-on

Kivisense develops a powerful AI rendering engine that can highly simulate a range of common upper materials, including leather, canvas, PU, suede, PVC, etc., to make your shoes try-on more immersive. In a few seconds, your favorite sneakers will appear on your feet, as if by magic. Even if you see hundreds of pairs of popular sneakers online, a virtual try-on can help you imagine each pair with 100% accuracy without any efforts, making the static image look like it is actually on your feet.

Furthermore, the materials of high jewelry, diamonds, watches, and other items can also be highly simulated and restored with its advanced rendering technology.

Multi-platform Integration: Web, App, EC SaaS (Shopify)

Kivisense AR engine supports multi-platform integration, such as Web, Mini-program, App, EC SaaS like Shopify, etc. If you’ve already built a website to sell sneakers with Shopify and want to dramatically improve your sales conversion rate, it’s time to consider embedding the plug-in to increase user engagement first. Kivisense AR Sneaker Try-on is a priority for E-commerce in 2021. Why? The next part covers this in more detail.

Game Changer Way in E-commerce

With the growing number of online shoe stores, it is becoming more and more difficult to gain customers and improve sales, which is a common concern for business. How to break the barrier? Digital marketing has gradually replaced traditional advertising in recent years, among which AR interactive advertising helps marketers create more immersive experiences, build emotional connections between brands and consumers, and capture the attention of customers. Higher customer satisfaction and lower returns are important indicators of business performance, and Kivisense Virtual Sneaker Try-on can help you make it.

Triple User Engagement and Double Sales Conversion

With AR try-on, customers are willing to spend more on sneakers because it makes it easier for them to explore shoes in various colors or styles without worrying about whether they fit you or not. Consumers will also become more loyal to brands using AR try-on, as the immersive experience enables them to see how certain sneakers look before they actually buy them. Shoppers in this situation have no pressure to buy and are completely free to make decisions, try and choose sneakers at their own pace. To illustrate its effect on sales, see the showcase below:

Many of the most popular luxury brands, such as Dior, Gucci, etc., have embed Kivisense’s plug-in. Their customers are very satisfied with the virtual try-on experience, and the number of return customers and new customers continues to increase. How much have they increased their sales? Will they triple their user engagement and double their sales? That’s the truth. What amazing data!

Virtual Sneaker Try-on 2X Sales

Effectively Reduce Your Return Rate

Online pictures of sneakers can sometimes differ greatly from the real experience, but this can be avoided with the visual 3D presentation of sneakers, which helps businesses reduce or even eliminate customer complaints on differentiation, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease returns.

When other costs connected with returns are taken into account, such as logistics, warehousing & restocking, labor, environmental, etc., the return figures will be more impressive if virtual try-on is available.

Enhance Brand Identity and User Retention for Private Traffic

Directly selling sneakers through e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc., is undoubtedly a very simple and convenient way, but many enterprises hope to establish their own websites through EC SaaS like Shopify to drive customers to their own private traffic pool and maintain their brands. Customers can open the lens anywhere and at any time, choose the most popular and suitable styles, and experience the try-on with one click if you integrate WebAR shoes try-on into your website. With the immersive try-on experience, users will stay on the page longer, have a better impression of your product and brand, and are more than twice as likely to buy your product.

Kivisense AR try-on engine can be directly and quickly integrated into EC SaaS like Shopify. To verify the effect, you can click here to have a try. Furthermore, AR high jewelry try-on, AR cosmetic contact lenses try-on, AR eyewear try-on, AR watches try-on, etc., are also supported.

Widespread Social Sharing: Get More Users Engaged

With Kivisense AR shoes try-on online, taking try-on photos is available and fun for users who can share these beautiful pictures via social media. The stylish posts will spread fast on these platforms, which will attract more users to engage in.

Share AR Sneaker Try-on Photo


Virtual sneaker try-on is a game-changing and innovative marketing strategy for e-commerce, and it’s certainly a great option for customers to choose sneakers more realistically and avoid buying shoes that don’t fit them. Overall, this is a win-win situation because the experience assists consumers in making quick and accurate decisions, shortens the purchase process, reduces returns, significantly improves the ROI for brands, and increases customer satisfaction. Apply for Kivisense WebAR Try-on now and become a leader in innovative marketing in 2021.

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