Ulysse Nardin Luxury Watches: Engaging Younger Audiences with Livestream and Virtual Try-on Tech

Ulysse Nardin's new marketing approach seamlessly blends virtual try-on tech with lAR livestream. Connecting with a younger audience during the FREAK ONE watch launch, this innovation transcends borders, offering an immersive and personalized experience that sets a new industry standard.

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin exemplifies a groundbreaking approach that integrates AR try-on tech with livestream, engaging and captivating a younger audience in the luxury watch industry. The FREAK ONE watch launch demonstrated how this seamless integration can transcend geographical boundaries, promising to revolutionize audience engagement, personalization, and brand loyalty in the digital age.


The rapidly evolving consumer landscape, shaped by the millennial and Z generations, has led to structural changes in the global luxury market. Among the myriad luxury products, high-end watches hold a unique place, symbolizing exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. As luxury watch brands strive to connect with a younger audience in this digital era, innovative strategies combining value communication, online marketing, and immersive experiences have become vital. Ulysse Nardin, an iconic name synonymous with adventure and innovation, has seized this opportunity to revolutionize the luxury watch industry. By collaborating with Kivisense, a leading MarTech AI company, Ulysse Nardin successfully integrated virtual try-on technology with livestream broadcasts, marking a significant leap forward in engaging with younger consumers.

Ulysse Nardin's Breakthrough: FREAK ONE Launch with AR Livestream

In March, during the prestigious “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie” in Geneva, Ulysse Nardin unveiled its latest masterpiece, the FREAK ONE watch, capturing the imagination of watch enthusiasts worldwide. Understanding the importance of reaching both domestic and international audiences, Ulysse Nardin adopted a two-pronged approach to showcase the FREAK ONE’s brilliance.

Cross-Border Live AR Broadcast: Bridging Distance with Immersive Experiences

To bring the FREAK ONE’s grand debut to audiences beyond the exhibition hall, Ulysse Nardin orchestrated a cross-border live AR broadcast. This groundbreaking move allowed the brand to connect with over 300 VIP guests around the world in real-time, flawlessly presenting the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design of the timepiece. The live AR broadcast provided an unparalleled opportunity for global watch enthusiasts to witness the watch’s return, irrespective of their geographical location. Through this immersive experience, Ulysse Nardin successfully established a direct and intimate connection with a diverse and engaged audience, including young consumers.

Online Try-On Experience: Embracing Younger Audiences

Recognizing the significance of digital platforms, Ulysse Nardin collaborated with Kivisense to offer a cutting-edge AR try-on experience. Through their WeChat official accounts in China, Ulysse Nardin launched a collection of nine virtual “AR watch try-ons,” which included the latest FREAK ONE model. This technological marvel enabled potential buyers to virtually wear and interact with the watch in real-time, experiencing the beauty and elegance of the timepiece from the comfort of their own devices. By leveraging AR technology, Ulysse Nardin successfully broke down barriers between consumers and the brand, enabling them to establish an emotional connection with younger audiences, who increasingly value digital experiences.

The Future of Livestream with AR Try-On Tech

Ulysse Nardin’s collaboration with Kivisense sets a new benchmark for the luxury watch industry. This successful integration of AR try-on technology with live has opened up exciting possibilities for the future. As technology continues to advance, live broadcasts can be further enhanced by incorporating AR try-on experiences directly into the streaming process. Imagine watching a live product launch where viewers can virtually try on the latest Ulysse Nardin timepiece as it’s being unveiled! This revolutionary approach will not only bridge the gap between the brand and its audience but also offer an unprecedented level of engagement and personalization.

In a world where digital experiences shape consumer preferences, luxury watch brands must embrace technological innovations to remain relevant and engaging. Ulysse Nardin’s collaboration with Kivisense exemplifies how seamless integration of online and offline try-on technology, coupled with live AR broadcasts, can captivate a younger audience and establish long-lasting brand loyalty. As the luxury watch industry continues to evolve, the convergence of live broadcasts and AR try-on experiences promises to be a game-changer, offering unique and immersive encounters that resonate deeply with consumers. Ulysse Nardin’s journey into the future exemplifies the essence of true innovation, where the union of tradition and technology creates an extraordinary horizon of possibilities.

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