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Case Study

The "DepARture to Rewards" AR & VR Journey at Hong Kong International Airport

Embark on a virtual journey with Hong Kong International Airport's 'DepARture to Rewards'. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge AR and VR experiences, personalized user interactions, and global reach strategies. Explore the seamless blend of physical and digital realms, unlocking surprise rewards.


Taking Off: Facing Global Challenges Head-On

When the pandemic hit, airports worldwide, including Hong Kong International Airport, saw a significant drop in travelers. To tackle this, the airport launched the “DepARture to Rewards” campaign with a goal to transform from just a “city airport” into an exciting “airport city.”

Smart Moves: Strategy for an Awesome Virtual Experience

Technological Integration – AR and VR: Leveraged cutting-edge AR gyroscope technology to provide users with an immersive 360° VR experience, transcending physical travel limitations. Incorporated VR elements such as virtual skydiving and interactive gaming to enhance user engagement and excitement.

User-Centric Design: Allowed users to choose their preferred destinations, providing a personalized and interactive experience. Created a seamless and intuitive flow, guiding users from activation to rewards, encouraging exploration and participation.

Airport Integration – Physical and Digital Synergy: Implemented QR codes on airport pillars and large screens, blurring the lines between physical and digital spaces. Enriched passengers’ waiting times with an immersive digital experience, fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Branding and Loyalty Building: Showcased the airport’s commitment to innovation and meeting consumer needs, fostering a positive brand image. Enhanced customer loyalty by providing a unique and memorable experience, strengthening emotional connections with the airport brand.

Everywhere You Go: Ads Flying High Across Platforms

The campaign didn’t just stay local. It went big with ads on Google and emails, making sure people worldwide knew about it. Social media platforms like Xiaohongshu and Facebook played a part, making sure both locals and international travelers felt the excitement.

Deployed overseas advertising through Google and email channels, ensuring the campaign reached a diverse global audience. Utilized popular social media platforms like Xiaohongshu and Facebook to drive engagement, catering to both domestic and international travelers.

hong kong international airport

Your Journey Begins: Fun and Games Before Your Flight

Imagine starting with a tap, then picking a destination for a cool 360° tour. Virtual skydiving, VR gaming, and unlocking rewards through fun challenges – all leading you to the airport mall.

AR Gyroscope Activation: The introduction of AR gyroscope activation in the “DepARture to Rewards” campaign revolutionized user engagement and yielded substantial impacts on campaign results. The innovative activation mechanism, initiated by users clicking on the Hong Kong International Airport AR experience entrance, not only facilitated a seamless transition into a 360° immersive VR experience but significantly contributed to heightened user participation.

Innovation Virtual Skydiving Sensation: Elevating User Experience The incorporation of the virtual skydiving experience proved pivotal in enhancing user engagement. By providing users with the exhilarating sensation of freefalling within the dynamic VR environment, the campaign created a memorable and emotionally resonant experience. This innovative feature not only captured users’ attention but also contributed to prolonged interaction times, fostering a more profound connection between the audience and the campaign content.

Interactive Distance Gaming: Gamifying Engagement The gamification of the virtual experience, particularly the 15-second treasure hunt beneath the Eiffel Tower, played a crucial role in keeping users actively involved. This interactive gaming element not only added a layer of enjoyment but also increased the time users spent with the campaign, resulting in higher levels of overall engagement. The impact was reflected in increased user satisfaction and a more positive perception of the campaign.

Surprise Rewards from Treasure Hunt: Driving Offline Consumption By offering exclusive reward gift boxes containing discount vouchers for airport mall stores, the campaign not only incentivized user participation but also strategically drove traffic to physical stores. This direct correlation between digital engagement and offline consumption marked a substantial success, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in translating virtual experiences into tangible, real-world benefits.

Big Numbers: Impressive Results on the Board

The “DepARture to Rewards” campaign has wrapped up with impressive outcomes, proving that digital innovation can redefine the airport journey. With over 40,000 participants and 7,000+ rewards distributed, the campaign not only refreshed the airport’s image but also attracted more visitors to the airport mall. By smoothly blending AR and VR tech with a lively social media strategy, the campaign boosted brand visibility and left a positive impression. These results underscore our dedication to innovation, showcasing a new benchmark for engaging airport experiences in the digital age.

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