Kivisense Unveils AR Innovations at the 2023 China International Import Expo

Shanghai, November 10, 2023 – Kivisense, a trailblazing MarTech AI company, marked its inaugural presence at the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE).

Shanghai, November 10, 2023 – Kivisense, a trailblazing MarTech AI company, marked its inaugural presence at the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th. The prestigious event, renowned for its global reach and influence, provided Kivisense with a remarkable platform to showcase its cutting-edge advancements in the AI and AR digital marketing domain.

Resounding Presence at CIIE

CIIE 2023, spanning an expansive 367,000 square meters, attracted participants from 154 countries, including 289 Fortune Global 500 companies and industry leaders. With 3,400 exhibitors and 394,000 professional attendees, this edition of CIIE set new benchmarks for scale and quality, making it an ideal stage for Kivisense’s debut.

Exploring the Smart Future: Kivisense’s CIIE Theme

Under the thematic banner of “Exploring the Smart Future,” Kivisense took center stage at the Innovation Incubation Special Section (NA1-07A/B/C, 08A). Leveraging this high-profile international trade cooperation platform, the company showcased its prowess in AI and XR technology, unveiling a spectrum of groundbreaking innovations.

Forging Global Connections

CIIE serves as a conduit for global market insights and collaboration. Kivisense seized this opportunity to foster connections with experts and businesses worldwide. The company’s goal is to share its digital solutions globally, contributing to the advancement of digitalization on a global scale and collaborating for the prosperity of world trade.

“CIIE is not just a showcase of Kivisense’s achievements but also the ‘golden key’ unlocking new collaborative opportunities,” remarked Mindy Liu, CMO of Kivisense. “In just a few days, the company has established connections with dozens of target customers from fields such as healthcare, food, and banking, receiving recognition from numerous visiting audiences for our core products.”

Innovations Unveiled at CIIE

Kivisense’s debut at CIIE showcased a suite of innovations, emphasizing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and XR technology. The company introduced its upgraded Kivicube online XR authoring platform and presented outstanding Tryon, AR/AIGC digital marketing solutions, offering a glimpse into the future of digital marketing.

Kivicube: Pioneering WebXR Online Platform

At the heart of Kivisense’s CIIE showcase was the unveiling of Kivicube, the first WebXR online authoring platform in China. Kivicube enables rapid AR content production through low-code, visual operations, supporting diverse scenarios such as image tracking, object tracking, and spatial SLAM. This platform empowers industries spanning marketing interaction, cultural and creative endeavors, art interaction, exhibition displays, tourism navigation, product packaging, brand promotion interaction, automotive, and real estate.

AR Try-On Experience: Transforming E-Commerce

Kivisense’s AR try-on product takes center stage in addressing e-commerce challenges by providing a comprehensive try-on experience for a myriad of products. Enhancing user experiences and brand loyalty, this service mitigates product return rates and generates valuable data for product development, offering a seamless one-stop shopping experience.

Digital Customized Marketing: Shaping Consumer Experiences

In response to the rising trend of “consumer sovereignty,” Kivisense, as a leading AR digital marketing solution provider, has served over 100 top-tier brand clients in the past two years. Its AR engine, supporting over 2 billion user experiences cumulatively, has contributed significantly to revenue growth. The CIIE platform showcased these innovative solutions, underlining Kivisense’s role as a technology pioneer.

AIGC Interactive Marketing: Where AI Meets Innovation

Kivisense’s AIGC interactive marketing solutions take the spotlight in the new era of digitalization. The company, driven by innovative technology and a mature project implementation team, has achieved AI training and development of automated AR algorithm products. This positions Kivisense as a key player in driving the “AI+” upgrade across diverse industries.

Spectacular Kivisense Booth: An Immersive Experience

Visitors to the Kivisense exhibition area were treated to a myriad of AR innovative experiences, creating a buzz as a must-visit destination. By seamlessly integrating virtual dimensions into the limited booth space using AR technology, Kivisense showcased the potential of AR interactive experiences, attracting enthusiastic engagement from attendees.

Global Expansion and Confidence in the Future

Benefiting from China’s high-quality economic development, Kivisense is expanding its global footprint with offices in Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Paris, and more. The company is efficiently expanding global brand client business, strengthening international strategic deployment, and contributing to the global digital marketing landscape.

In the words of Kivisense, this marks not just a debut at CIIE but a confident stride towards shaping the future of global digital assets. As the company continues to navigate this new era, it remains optimistic and anticipates meeting more users and partners on the international stage, contributing to the prosperity of global digital assets.

About Kivisense

Kivisense is a AI-driven AR MarTech company, creating value beyond reality for brand clients across e-commerce, content, social, data, and more. With innovations like the Kivicube AR creation platform, AR try-on solutions, and AIGC interactive marketing, Kivisense is at the forefront of reshaping the future of digital marketing.

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