[30-DAY FREE TRIAL] Kivisense Virtual Try-On Shoes APP Now on Shopify App Store! ūüĎü

Revolutionize shoe shopping experience on your Shopify store with Kivisense virtual try on shoes app. Enable customers to virtually try on shoes with their phones.

Kivisense, a leading innovator in AR tech, is thrilled to announce the official launch of the ar try-on app for shoes, “Kivisense Virtual Try-On Shoes,” now available on the Shopify App Store.

Designed specifically for ecommerce businesses, Kivisense Virtual Try-On Shoes offers an immersive experience for customers to virtually try on footwear in real time. This innovative app empowers users to enter a hyper-realistic virtual environment through their devices, allowing them to explore and try on various styles of footwear in the comfort of their homes.

Tutorial for Beginners: 3D Modeling Setup | Virtual Try-on Setup | Integration Guide

Highlights of Kivisense Virtual Try-On Shoes:

1.Immersive Virtual Experience:
Simple and fast integration supports multiple devices, browsers, and themes.
Unlimited AR scannings for a seamless and interactive virtual try-on experience.

2.Hyper-Realistic 3D Modeling:
Unmatched realism with detailed textures and reflections, providing customers with an accurate representation of the product.

3.Accurate Fitting and Motion Response:
Ensures precise fitting with instant motion response to track foot movements, enhancing the virtual try-on experience.

4.Effortless Product Updates:
Easily upload and update new on-foot products through our SaaS platform, keeping your inventory current and engaging.

And here’s the best part – for a limited time, the Essential Plan is absolutely free!

‚óŹ Free Subscription: Sign up for the Essential Plan at no cost during the launch period.
‚óŹ Easy Setup: No need for coding or tech skills. Just upload your model and activate the “Try On” button.
‚óŹ Two Free Scenarios: Enjoy two free SKU scenarios for customers to virtually try on shoes hassle-free.
‚óŹ AR Magic: Let customers experience virtual try-ons seamlessly on your online store.

Get More with the Commercial Plan – Only $99/month (was $299/month)!

‚óŹ 10 SKU Scenarios: Support for 10 watermark-free SKU scenarios for an enhanced AR virtual try-on experience.
‚óŹ Easy Integration: No coding headaches. Effortlessly integrate and enjoy the extended features.
‚óŹ Affordable Pricing: Grab the limited-time offer at just $99/month (originally $299/month).

Kivisense Virtual Try-On Shoes opens up new possibilities for ecommerce stores, offering customers a unique and immersive way to explore and try on footwear before making a purchase. The simple and fast integration, combined with hyper-realistic 3D modeling and accurate fitting, sets this app apart as a must-have tool for any online footwear retailer.

Ready to step into the future? Head to the Shopify App Store now to grab your free Essential Plan or take advantage of our special Commercial Plan offer.