3D Rendering Effect and Try-on Performance Showcases

Kivisense AR try-on engines can track body movements or any head-to-toe movements in real-time. Highly restore various materials with 3D rendering.

Kivisense is dedicated to developing feasible AR solutions for any category you want, such as clothing, shoes, watch, eyewear, ring, bracelet, etc. Our key partners, such as Gucci, Dior, Pomellato, Valentino, Canada Goose, Mercedes-Benz, etc., have all achieved amazing performance. Here are some top showcases you can see the 3D rendering effect and try-on performance.

Gucci Sneaker AR Try-on

Valentino Sneaker AR Try-on

Dior Sneaker AR Try-on

Canada Goose AR Footwear Try-on

Kivisense helps 30+ top luxury brands worldwide with AR try-on Engine.

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