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TTDeye Virtual Colored Contacts Try-On - $1 Million in Sales with AR Try-On Conversions

AR Try-On reshapes the cosmetic contacts, perfectly solves users’ shopping pain points, and helps brands convert ROI.


TTDEYE, founded in 2011, stands as the foremost North American colored contact lens brand. Renowned for its avant-garde trend intuition, TTDEYE has captivated the hearts of young women and myopic individuals across the globe. With a devoted customer base exceeding one million, the brand boasts an extensive collection of over 500 lenses, spanning over 15 distinctive hues. Collaborating with influential celebrities and models, TTDEYE has cemented its stature as a frontrunner in the realms of social marketing and e-commerce.


In the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion, colored contact lenses have surged in popularity. Yet, the vast array of colors and patterns often leaves consumers navigating a maze of choices. Introducing the “Virtual Colored Contact Lens Try-On” – a visionary partnership between TTDeye, North America’s preeminent colored contact lens e-commerce platform, and tech provider Kivisense. This campaign leverages cutting-edge technology to redefine the consumer journey. By deploying dynamic SparkAR advertisements on Facebook, consumers can virtually trial colored contact lenses via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With a simple click, users seamlessly transition to TTDEYE’s official website, granting them access to comprehensive product insights, including material specifications and water content. Here, they embark on web-based AR try-ons, swiftly adding their chosen lenses to their carts for a frictionless purchase. This multifaceted campaign encompasses social media seeding, an intuitive WebAR try-on interface, and instant “virtual try-on” functionality, promising to amplify consumer engagement, satisfaction, and conversions while catalyzing a new era of beauty discourse and interaction.



Enhanced Consumer Engagement: Our primary objective is to captivate and retain consumer attention through the captivating AR experience, fostering sustained engagement.

Optimized User Satisfaction: We aim to provide a seamless shopping journey, ensuring users not only adore their purchases but also relish the entire experience.

Boost Brand Recognition: We seek to expand TTDeye’s brand presence in the beauty industry by leveraging the reach of social media and engaging AR interactions to encourage users to share their AR try-ons results.

Increased Sales Conversions: Ultimately, we strive to translate interest into sales by streamlining the purchase and facilitating exploration of lens styles.


By expertly merging “technology and beauty,” the campaign introduced innovative SparkAR advertisements that resonated powerfully across major social media platforms. This approach not only elevated TTDEYE’s brand recognition but also magnetically attracted a substantial wave of Generation Z customers. As a direct consequence, the brand experienced a notable surge in sales, solidifying the campaign’s success.

One of the most remarkable outcomes has been the staggering engagement figures. Since the introduction of the AR try-on interface, TTDEYE has successfully enticed 2.06 million try-on users, leading to an incredible 27.6 million try-on scannings. Even more impressively, this translated into over $1 million in sales through AR try-on conversions. These numbers underscore the campaign’s resounding triumph, reflecting the tangible impact of blending technology and beauty in the dynamic e-commerce realm.

Moreover, the AR try-on interface has profoundly reshaped the user experience, offering a streamlined “Try-On – Add to Cart – Purchase” journey. This thoughtful setup has not only significantly shortened the user’s decision-making process but has also enhanced the quality of conversions. The campaign’s success serves as a testament to the immense potential of innovative technology in redefining the beauty sector and underlines the remarkable results and impact it has made since its implementation.

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