YSL Beauty Zone VR Pop-Up

Step into YSL's beauty zone in VR, where the quiet allure of immersive virtual reality intertwines luxury and innovation to reshape the beauty landscape.

YSL Beauty Travel Retail APAC

Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent radically changed the luxury industry by defying the rules of the past, daring to break the traditional codes of fashion and reinventing them according to his vision. He lived his life looking to break away from convention, inspiring everyone to follow their own rules. Intensely. Passionately. Unapologetically. Just as Yves Saint Laurent had a daring state of mind calling for reinvention and action, this philosophy of life inspires our social and environmental commitment that we share with you now.



The “YSL Beauty Zone VR Pop-Up” at cdf Sanya Mall, in partnership with China Duty Free Group, blends offline retail and VR immersion to redefine beauty engagement. Designed for young travelers to Hainan, this immersive journey through YSL’s world leverages Oculus VR headsets to excite and convert the tech-savvy Generation Z.
The campaign’s mission was to create an unforgettable, immersive beauty experience, connecting users with YSL’s hero products, build brand love, and drive conversions during the holidays travel peak.

Leveraging VR technology, the Oculus VR headset instantaneously transported users to a 360° beauty zone. Equipped with an intuitive controller, participants became active explorers with an immersive encounter of 3 pillar products.

1. ROUGE PUR COUTURE THE BOLD: A simple touch of the controller triggered a dynamic explosion of the lipstick with vibrant color and couture shine texture.
2. LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM: the visual stimulation went beyond fragrance and enveloped participants in a sea of the key ingredients behind YSL’s signature scent – lavender and orange flowers.
3. NIGHT REBOOT SERUM: users witnessed the hero ingredient moonlight cactus blooming in the dark and illuminating space with powerful beams, aligning with its repairing and brightening up efficacy for urban lifestyle consumers.


Elevate “Phygital” Retail: Revolutionize the physical-digital retail landscape by blending offline VR immersion with a virtual store adventure, offering an immersive product exploration experience beyond physical space.

1. Maximize O+O Synergy for Pillar Product Conversion: Target Chinese travelers to Hainan Island during the holiday peak, focusing on YSL Beauty’s hero products. Interactions in the virtual Beauty Zone led to conversions at the physical pop-up.

2. Entrance Generation Z: Engage Generation Z with a meticulously designed VR Popup event, fostering deep emotional connections and brand loyalty for YSL Beauty.


A key challenge for this campaign was the high volume of foot traffic at the duty-free mall in Hainan during the holiday rush. We had to ensure that users could navigate the VR experience smoothly in the bustling sales environment to avoid long queues.
To overcome this challenge, we provided:

1. Clear Navigation Cues: We strategically incorporated navigation cues in the VR game design, including arrows and teleportation. These cues aided users, especially those with first time experience in VR, in efficiently navigating through the experience.

2. Demo Video: We showed the game overview, missions, and exploration flow through a demo video on LED screen during users’ queue time. This visually prepared users on how to complete the experience.

3. Real-Time BA Guide: We projected the user’s VR view onto an iPad in real time for. Our beauty advisors to monitor users’ experiences and provide verbal guidance, ensuring efficient gameplay.


The immersive VR experience transformed consumer interactions with YSL’s beauty products, offering a gamified exploration of vibrant colors, ingredients, and efficacy. This visually stunning VR environment left a lasting impression, fueling a strong desire for purchases. The encounter boosted purchase intent and sparked user-generated content sharing among younger audiences, generating organic buzz and social media virality. VR headset users not only attracted more foot traffic but also naturally encouraged word-of-mouth and social sharing, significantly increasing pop-up event visitors. Ultimately, this interactive experience elevated brand and product awareness while fostering deep consumer engagement and meaningful social interactions, contributing significantly to the campaign’s success.

1. 7000+ Participants in 1 Month: Demonstrating strong appeal in our target audience, the VR experience engaged over 7000 participants, enhancing brand engagement through tech-driven retail.

2. Extended Interaction: Users spent an impressive average of over 300 seconds immersed in the VR environment, reinforcing its capacity to sustain engagement and brand connection.

3. 100% Completion Rate: Every user who began the VR journey completed it, highlighting its effectiveness in retaining user interest.

4. Offline Conversion Success: VR participants smoothly redeemed exclusive gift activation codes in physical stores, driving in-store traffic and confirming campaign effectiveness.