Unveiling the Colorful AR Interactive Experience at Watsons’ Colorlab Stores

Watsons' Colorlab and Kao Corporation's groundbreaking AR experience, "The Enchanting Mellow Garden," sets a new standard in digital marketing. Step into the metaverse, explore delightful AR flower gardens, and interact with adorable 3D cotton models of Chomel skincare products. Embrace the captivating world of AR at Watsons' Colorlab stores and redefine your shopping experience.


Watsons’ Colorlab and Kao Corporation’s innovative use of Augmented Reality (AR) in “The Enchanting Mellow Garden” has reshaped their brand identity, engaged diverse audiences, and set a new benchmark for digital marketing in the retail industry. AR continues to elevate customer experiences and drive sustained brand growth in the dynamic world of digital marketing.


In the dynamic world of offline store marketing, Augmented Reality (AR) has become a game-changer, revolutionizing brand identity, engaging diverse audiences, and providing captivating consumer experiences. Watsons’ Colorlab, in partnership with Kao Corporation, has harnessed the potential of AR to create an exclusive offline experience called “The Enchanting Mellow Garden.” By scanning the Watsons’ logo through WeChat Mini-Program, visitors can immerse themselves in an AR metaverse, connecting with Colorlab products and embracing a delightful marketing approach targeted at young female consumers.

Embracing the in-store Metaverse

Strolling Through the Garden: Customers can leisurely explore the splendid AR flower scenery in Watsons’ Colorlab stores by simply holding up their phones. These enchanting flower gardens are designed to provide a refreshing and delightful spring atmosphere, catering to the preferences of female consumers. Metaverse Interaction: The collaboration between Kao Corporation and Watsons’ offers more than just beautiful flower gardens. After enjoying the AR experience, visitors can step into the Watsons’ store and discover Chomel’s new line of Colorlab sanitary pads. By scanning the product, adorable AR cotton clouds appear, presenting product information in an interactive “Kawaii-style” manner. Customers can playfully interact with the cotton models, making the experience both informative and entertaining.

The “Product Experience Playground” Strategy:
Watsons’ has embraced the AR metaverse strategy to elevate the in-store shopping experience. Customers can easily scan the Watsons’ logo upon entering the store, immersing themselves in an AR activity page. The enchanting flower scenery covers the entire store entrance, welcoming users to the romantic world of Kao Corporation and Watsons’. This immersive experience allows customers to unlock cute AR “Easter eggs” while exploring the flower garden, creating a multidimensional and joyful experience within the store.

Differentiating Metaverse Experiences:
Through a strong partnership with Kivisense, Kao Corporation and Watsons’ have curated a personalized metaverse-themed scene with AR interactions. This powerful alliance integrates three core strategies: customized metaverse scenes, personalized AR experiences, and social media sharing channels, resulting in a unique metaverse space for the Colorlab brand. This strategic move sets Kao Corporation and Watsons’ apart in the competitive retail industry, paving the way for sustained growth.

As the O2O market embraces intelligence, diversity, and multi-dimensionality, offline stores are adapting their strategies to differentiate and attract customers. Augmented Reality (AR) technology has emerged as a crucial tool in driving sustained customer value. The collaboration between Kao Corporation and Watsons’ in creating an enchanting offline AR experience, blending metaverse elements with retail, opens up exciting frontiers for digital marketing in the modern age.

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