Kivisense Shines Bright: A Spectacular Recap of VivaTech 2023

Discover the success of Kivisense at VivaTech 2023, where our AI and AR MarTech solutions captivated industry experts and influential figures...

Kivisense made a powerful impact at VivaTech 2023, held in Paris from June 14th to 17th. As a leading AI technology company, Kivisense showcased its AR & AI MarTech solutions and left a lasting impression on industry experts, entrepreneurs, and visitors from around the globe. Let’s recap the highlights of Kivisense’s journey at VivaTech 2023.

Gaining International Recognition

Kivisense’s exceptional AI products and services received international recognition at VivaTech. Powered by AI and AR, the company offers revolutionary digital marketing solutions across various industries. From automated customer service to intelligent marketing and digital marketplace showcases, Kivisense’s offerings provide businesses with efficient and intelligent marketing approaches that drive success.

Notable personalities like French President Emmanuel Macron and LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault took a keen interest in AI. Their presence generated substantial buzz around the venue, attracting numerous visitors eager to explore the cutting-edge products and solutions on offer.

Buzzing Booth and Industry Interest

Throughout the exhibition, the Kivisense booth buzzed with activity as audiences and industry experts flocked to engage with the team. Representatives from diverse sectors expressed a keen interest in Kivisense’s technology and sought collaborations to integrate AI into their industries. Renowned consulting firms such as Accenture and McKinsey & Company organized over 50 visitors to the booth, highlighting the high demand for Kivisense’s innovative solutions.

Kivisense organized a series of captivating speeches at VivaTech, showcasing the company’s latest research achievements and successful application cases. These events attracted a large number of visitors, reaffirming Kivisense’s leadership position and technical prowess in the AI field. Attendees gained valuable insights and inspiration from Kivisense’s experts, solidifying the company’s reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

High Demand and Industry Collaboration

From the moment the exhibition opened, Kivisense’s promotional materials were in high demand, reflecting the enthusiasm of potential clients. Throughout the event, clients continued to visit the booth, engaging in in-depth discussions about industry-specific implementation cases and leaving their contact information. This high demand led to personalized industry consultations and insightful analyses, providing comprehensive solutions for end-to-end operational scenarios.

Luxury brands, known for their dedication to innovation and technology, were particularly captivated by Kivisense’s offerings at VivaTech. The company’s innovative solutions and advanced technology caught the attention of representatives from luxury brands who prioritize exceptional customer experiences and personalized services. These brands engaged in discussions with the Kivisense team, recognizing the company’s technical capabilities and expressing their desire to collaborate in exploring the potential of AI in the luxury goods sector.

Looking Forward and Stay Tuned!

Kivisense’s impressive presence at VivaTech 2023 has positioned the company as a key player in the AI and AR industry. With its MarTech solutions and cutting-edge AI & AR technology, Kivisense continues to revolutionize digital marketing across various sectors. To join the transformative journey and explore the future of MarTech, visit Kivisense’s website and schedule a consultation with their expert team. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Kivisense continues to make strides in the world of AI and AR.

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