NFT Try On | Discover the Pioneering NFT Solution for Wearable NFT

The revolutionary AR-powered NFT try-on solutions will offer a new dimension of engagement to wearable NFTs and boost revenues.

Kivisense, the pioneer of augmented reality (AR) tech solutions, has introduced its first-ever virtual try-on NFT sneaker, providing customers with new virtual try-on experiences of wearable NFT and allowing people to virtually interact with the NFT wearables. The innovation employs augmented reality tech to build next-generation NFTs, distinguishing them from the existing picture, video, and audio formats. The technology also enables footwear, jewelry, and fashion brands to provide their customers with this new NFT experience via their own digital channels, such as a brand’s website, mini program, app, etc.

Showcase Your NFT Wearables across Worlds

Kivisense’s AR-powered NFT solution will provide a new level of engagement to the NFT experience for consumers. Using powerful AR SLAM technology, companies can showcase their NFTs and engage with their surroundings in a tailored fashion with virtual try-on capabilities to real life. With this approach, users will be able to watch the NFT throughout metaverse and bring their digital collection in real life whenever and wherever they go. It may be used in a variety of fashion categories, such as NFT clothing, NFT watches, NFT footwear, NFT jewelry, NFT eyewear, and many others.

Kivisense’s complete new NFT business solutions simplify the whole NFT wearables creation process and provide a simple and highly accessible release path for brands looking to meet the growing demand for NFT selling. The new solutions enable brands to showcase their NFTs to their clients where they are currently, by using the most popular and extensively utilized NFT trading platforms.

KIVI ARFKT NFT Sneaker & NFT Try on

Provide Next-Generation NFT Solutions with Virtual Try-On Capabilities

Kivisense, in a perfect position to support different fashion brands, fulfills the rising wave of consumer demand for NFT items. These digital assets have great value as businesses prepare to enter the Metaverse and can be quickly altered to engage customers in new, fully immersive surroundings.

The new NFT solutions will enable businesses to enter the NFT industry while improving their consumer experience through the use of AR virtual try-on technology. Furthermore, it will provide fashion labels with new revenue streams while offering clients an interactive and customized aspect that has not before been feasible in the NFT market.

Kivisense’s Limited NFT Sneaker is Currently on Sale

Kivisense has just debuted its own AR-enhanced NFT Sneaker on OpenSea in addition to the new NFT commercial solutions. Please click on this link to view this wearable NFT sneaker on Kivisense’s OpenSea listing.

Wearable NFT
Kivisense’s NFT Sneakers

Customize Your NFT Wearables with Kivisense

You may let your imagination go wild if you’re passionate about this trend. To create your own wearable NFT, you don’t need to be an expert. You may simply make free wearables with the aid of our tutorials at Kivisense, and we’ll also guide you through your initial steps in 3D modeling and designing. You may construct your own collection outside of video games, metaverses, and virtual worlds by utilizing tools like Procreate, Photoshop, Blender, and an NFT marketplace to convert your creations into NFTs.

Wearable NFT
Personalized Kivi NFT Sneakers

Boost NFT Profits for Your Brands

With wearable NFTs across metaverse, designers and fashion brands may investigate new business opportunities where they can co-own their works or implant royalties so that every time an NFT is sold, the fashion brand and creator are automatically given a portion of the profits.

Kivisense strives to provide access to wearable NFTs throughout various metaverse communities. In addition to utility, we offer a complete end-to-end solution for brands and designers looking to introduce their NFTs into the digital sphere. This includes converting their designs into digital assets and holding custom fashion shows where audiences can wear, purchase, and interact with these NFT wearables. We are here to support you while you acclimate to this new environment. Ready to enter the metaverse in style? Contact us now.

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