AR See Now Buy Now – Digital Revolution in Sales

AR "See Now, Buy Now" redefines fashion brands with higher ROI. Revolutionize your sales now with AR digital marketing strategies.

AR “See Now, Buy Now” virtual shopping experience is on the rise, ranging from virtually trying on sneakers, watches, jewelry, eyewear, etc., to previewing furniture arrangements. Most of the valuable brands, such as Gucci, Dior, LV, etc., have integrated AR technology and achieved significant sales conversion.

AR turns every consumer’s home into a virtual fashion show, helping brands establish intimate interactions with customers. With advanced AR, consumers are more engaged than ever because they can immerse themselves in the Fashion Week experience, eliminating the frustration of waiting months to buy. The AR “See Now, Buy Now” model is the most innovative way to build brand awareness and customer loyalty in 2021. Web-based augmented reality (WebAR) can help you achieve better ROI without downloading any App.

AR Virtual Model London Fashion Week

AR See Now Buy Now Redefines Fashion Brands

With WebAR, consumers can instantly enjoy an AR experience in a mobile browser by clicking a link or scanning a QR code. The ease of use and accessibility dramatically increases engagement and also makes it easier for consumers to share, which in turn promotes virality. Here are five showcases for you to see how they use augmented reality technology. Meanwhile, you can consider whether your brand needs to implement it to thrive in DTC (direct-to-consumer). If necessary, the last section of the article will show you how to integrate it.

Dior Releases a Magical Invitation with WebAR & 3D

Through innovative Web-based AR and 3D technology, Dior released a magical invitation for its Autumn-Winter 2020–2021 Haute Couture Collection, which can echo the charm of the world and give consumers a more immersive experience. When users scan the brand logo in the Maison Dior boutique with their mobile phones, the invitation letter will open like a door, and the pleated and ruffled evening dress, one of the masterpieces of Dior’s Haute Couture Collection, slowly rises from its center.

AR Dior Invitation

Virtual Mulberry Iris Handbag: WebAR Image Tracking & 3D Rendering

Augmented reality provides consumers with a perfect opportunity to visualize luxury brand products. To effectively promote Mulberry’s latest Iris Handbag Collection, it has created an immersive WebAR experience by using high-quality 3D renderings. When consumers place the Iris handbag in a real-world environment, its texture will be highly restored. Users can also customize the handle & body color, view the customization in real-time until they find the perfect match, and then go to the Mulberry official website to complete the purchase.

AR Virtual Mulberry Iris Handbag

3D Rendering Brings KHAITE Spring/Summer 2021 Collection to Life

Web-based AR is the most creative way New York-based KHAITE used to showcase its Spring/Summer 2021 Collection. Consumers can scan the QR code in the Lookbook to enjoy the AR experience, bringing the 3D rendering of the new shoes to life. The same experience is also available for consumers on the KHAITE website. All the details of various new shoes are clearly visible at every Angle, including slingback heels, patent ankle boots, gladiator sandals, etc., and they can all be zoomed, rotated, and superimposed.

3D Rendering KHAITE Shoes

VOGUE Singapore WebAR Hologram: Fiona Xie Commands Your Heart

WebAR has been chosen by Singapore VOGUE as a new way to keep readers up to date with the latest fashion trends. With AR Hologram, Singaporean actress Fiona Xie realistically shows three great ways to wear a sequined turtleneck. “It’s kind of like your boyfriend giving you tight hug!” she enthused after putting on the turtleneck. To enjoy this experience, all you have to do is click on the web link to place Fiona Xie’s hologram at your home and watch her command your screen in a Valentino turtleneck.

VOGUE Singapore WebAR Hologram

Find Surprise Tiffany Blue Box with Innovative WebAR

During the holidays, there is no better gift than one that has special meaning. When users scan the Tiffany Blue Box under the Christmas tree, they can immediately view Tiffany & Co Classic Jewelry in a real-world environment. If you get all these boxes together, you can exchange them for surprise gifts. Finding gift boxes through AR is much easier than using traditional marketing campaigns, which can significantly improve user engagement, encourage users to add products to the cart, and finally increase sales conversion rates.

Tiffany Blue Box with WebAR

Implement WebAR to Your Digital Marketing – Drive Better ROI

Potential customers always want to try on products before buying them. The offline fitting rooms, cosmetic samples, car test drives, and many other related concepts have also demonstrated the effectiveness of this marketing strategy. With AR, consumers can virtually try on shoes, cosmetics, clothing, eyewear, high jewelry, various household products, etc., eliminating the need for large amounts of physical inventory. Augmented shopping experience allows users to try on dozens or even hundreds of items to find the one that best meets their needs. Finding the perfect product quickly and easily online not only increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also improves sales.

Virtual Shoes Try-on

However, as a brand, you may then have the question of how to implement WebAR, or you may ask if there are companies in the market with such mature technology. Based on the market research, here is a recommendation for your reference. You can also do some research and comparison to see if it is the most reliable. Kivisense is dedicated to providing brands with all-in-one lightweight AR marketing solutions. Here are its highlights:

● Top innovative team: Create more interesting and creative AR advertising for brands

● Advanced technology: Focus on Computer Vision algorithms, including Web-based image tracking, face tracking, foot tracking, iris tracking, world tracking, etc.

● Flexible service: Not only provide customized WebAR solutions, but also provide AR engine integration for teams with development capabilities

● Multi-platform integration: Web, APP, EC SaaS like Shopify, etc.


In such a competitive marketing environment, it’s important for the fashion industry to change the way it thinks about consumer shopping to keep up with faster demand for new products, and ARsee now, buy now” is the best way to make it. It allows consumers to see trends directly and enjoy an immersive experience. To stand out from the competitors in 2021, it is highly recommended to integrate the Kivisense AR engine to create an innovative shopping experience for users. What do you think of the “see now, buy now” phenomenon? Feel free to share your comments with us.