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DOLCE & GABBANA's Dragon Year Emoji Game: Boosting Online Engagement and Store Traffic

DOLCE & GABBANA's Dragon Year Emoji Game" is an innovative digital experience crafted to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

During the Chinese New Year period, DOLCE & GABBANA debuted a digital initiative in the form of a Wechat MP, presenting a game for generating Year of the Dragon-themed emoji packs. This interactive experience allowed users to create and save personalized emoji packs and posters. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Generative Content (AIGC), the brand sought to bolster its visibility and drive traffic to its official online store. Under the banner of “Dragon Year Gachapon,” we orchestrated a sophisticated campaign integrating UI design, animation production, and AIGC-generated emoji packs. This innovative approach not only engaged consumers but also facilitated a dialogue between the brand and the discerning Generation Z demographic. Consequently, it enabled consumers to explore the online retail space while appreciating the seamless integration of DG’s timeless appeal with innovative elements.

DOLCE & GABBANA, renowned globally as a luxury fashion powerhouse, specializes in haute couture, ready-to-wear apparel, accessories, and fragrances. Established in Italy by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985, the brand has since become synonymous with opulence, elegance, and Italian craftsmanship. With a commitment to timeless sophistication and innovation, DOLCE & GABBANA blends traditional artisanal techniques with contemporary design, creating iconic pieces that exude both heritage and modernity. The brand embraces a vision where individuality, creativity, and self-expression are celebrated, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and confidence in personal style. Through its exquisite craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to quality, DOLCE & GABBANA continues to embody the essence of luxury and remains a beacon of sartorial excellence in the fashion industry.

Dolce & Gabbana’s digital marketing strategy is marked by several pillars:

1. Robust Social Media Presence: Across platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they engage audiences with compelling content, solidifying brand loyalty.

2. Premium Content Creation: Dolce & Gabbana invests in high-quality visuals and videos to showcase their latest collections and brand ethos.

3. Strategic Influencer Collaborations: Partnering with influencers and celebrities amplifies their brand reach and credibility.

4. Seamless E-commerce Integration: Their e-commerce platform offers personalized shopping experiences and exclusive incentives to drive sales.

5. Innovative Campaign Initiatives: Pioneering interactive campaigns, such as games and AR experiences, captivate modern consumers.

6. Community Engagement Efforts: Actively fostering connections through user-generated content and interactive sessions strengthens brand loyalty.

DOLCE & GABBANA's Gen Z Quest: Navigating the Challenge to Capture Next-Gen Attention

In the luxury goods consumption market, Generation Z has emerged as a pivotal force driving sales growth. In China, Generation Z comprises 15% of consumers, deeply intertwined with social media platforms, facilitating seamless access to diverse luxury brand information. The evolution of e-commerce platforms mirrors their evolving purchasing patterns. Their heightened familiarity with the luxury goods landscape underscores their discerning nature, extending beyond mere brand affiliation to encompass considerations of corporate responsibility, including environmental stewardship.

D&G has consistently advocated for contemporary values, emphasizing sustainable practices and societal welfare, aligning closely with the ethos of Generation Z. Thus, the imperative lies in delineating strategies to further captivate the attention and loyalty of this discerning demographic.

Kivisense AIGC Empowers D&G: Elevating Store Traffic with Dragon Meme Magic

How to Captivate Generation Z’s Attention? After meticulous deliberation, D&G strategically opted to harness the prowess of Kivisense AIGC technology alongside prevalent chat platforms. This dynamic synergy aimed to entice Generation Z to actively participate in online activities such as emoji pack generation and interactive gaming experiences.

The Kivisense team was dedicated to crafting an innovative online mini-game centered around the Chinese New Year theme. Leveraging hottest technologies including 3D animation interaction and AIGC, they developed an engaging AIGC Year of the Dragon-themed emoji pack generation game. Upon completion of this interactive experience, users had the opportunity to preserve their custom emoji packs and posters, facilitating seamless sharing with friends to amplify their reach. Furthermore, users could partake in acquiring red envelope covers post-emoji generation, presenting an enticing interactive avenue tailored for the Generation Z cohort, renowned for their enthusiasm in exchanging red envelopes to extend New Year blessings to their social circles. Kivisense ingeniously employs beloved forms of entertainment among Chinese youth—such as gachapon machines and emoji packs—as the foundation for interactive game design.

  • Within Kivisense’s repertoire, innovative 3D emoji designs, thoughtfully aligned with the Year of the Dragon theme, boast a myriad of stylistic variations. Users engage with virtual coin insertion points to input emoji elements, including colors, features, and accessories. Upon confirming their selections, they wield the freedom to seamlessly amalgamate these elements into personalized emoji packs.
  • Seamlessly integrating the red envelope cover mechanism from chat platforms, Kivisense strategically incentivizes user engagement, fostering organic dissemination among participants. This strategic approach not only cultivates user loyalty but also precipitates viral proliferation of the activity across user networks.
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Kivisense Masters AIGC Challenges for D&G with Effective Solutions

To cater to D&G’s target audience – Generation Z – and deliver seamlessly fluid action effects, logically cohesive element combinations, and dynamically versatile image styles in interactive gaming experiences, Kivisense navigated through a series of challenges.


1. AIGC presents notable unpredictability, particularly in scenarios involving multiple variables, such as diverse image types, actions, and elements. This complexity can result in inconsistent outcomes during batch production, including subpar action effects, illogical element combinations, and deviations in image style.

2. Standardizing expressions for non-anthropomorphic creatures like dragons poses inherent challenges.

Solution: Kivisense has surmounted these obstacles through meticulous optimization of training model efficacy and the expansion of training model datasets. Consequently, Kivisense has achieved the stable generation of emoji packs that precisely align with the thematic requisites of the AIGC project.

5W PV Milestone: D&G's Kivisense-Powered CNY Wechat MP Triumph

In the pursuit of Generation Z’s favor, D&G strategically deployed a Wechat MP crafted through Kivisense AIGI technology. Running from January 31st to February 17th, the CNY Wechat MP garnered impressive metrics: accumulating over 50,000 page views and an equivalent number of unique visitors, with an average user engagement duration of 40 seconds. This initiative resulted in the creation of over 32,000 emojis and directed more than 1,000 users to the e-store, a testament to its efficacy in driving traffic. Users were captivated by the immersive animations and AIGC-powered emojis, resonating with the festive spirit of Chinese New Year, and eagerly shared their experiences, often rewarded with red envelope covers.

Moreover, Kivisense strategically amplified the program’s reach with the publication of 7 CNY AR interactive social posts across D&G’s official website and prominent Chinese social media platforms. This concerted effort, comprising 4 brand-mediated posts and 3 by Kivisense, garnered a remarkable 21,000 video views, further enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

In conclusion, D&G’s incorporation of Kivisense AIGI technology in their Chinese New Year Wechat MP led to remarkable outcomes. The success underscores Kivisense AIGC’s efficacy in engaging and converting users, showcasing its transformative potential in modern marketing strategies.

This collaboration epitomizes the symbiotic relationship between innovative technology and brand success. By seamlessly integrating immersive animations and AIGC-powered emojis, D&G not only captured the essence of Chinese New Year but also fostered emotional connections with users, driving widespread sharing and positive reception. As D&G continues to innovate, Kivisense AIGC remains a formidable ally in driving brand visibility and engagement.

Experience the transformative power of Kivisense AIGC technology for yourself and join us in shaping the future of marketing excellence. Explore D&G’s immersive Wechat MP and unlock new possibilities for your brand’s engagement strategy today.

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