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Air Jordan Achieves AR Engagement with Kivisense AR to Expand Awareness of The World of Flight Store Launch

Experience the intersection of innovation and style as Air Jordan collaborates with Kivisense AR to introduce an immersive AR engagement, expanding awareness of the highly anticipated launch of The World of Flight store.

Jordan Brand’s first high-end flagship store, WORLD OF FLIGHT, has officially opened in Beijing’s Sanlitun area in China. The brand aims to attract more foot traffic by using augmented reality (AR) to create buzz around the store. Themed around an “AR Flight Journey,” the store offers three different types of AR experiences, transforming the retail space into an artistic scene. This initiative not only sparks an engaging dialogue between the brand and street culture art but also allows consumers to perceive the uplifting charm of Jordan beyond themselves while exploring the new store.

WOF epitomizes JORDAN Brand’s visionary concept, seamlessly blending the ethos of basketball culture with an opulent retail experience. Following the illustrious footsteps of its predecessors in Milan, Tokyo’s Shibuya district, and Seoul’s vibrant Hongdae enclave, WOF now graces the landscape of China. Setting itself apart from other retailers in the region, this four-story, 1000-square-meter WOF store in Beijing pays homage to China’s rich history. From its ground floor adorned with indigenous architectural marvels like the timeless “Beijing bricks” to its historical exhibition walls chronicling the illustrious journey of JORDAN Brand, every corner exudes an aura of refined elegance. As patrons meander through corridors adorned with quintessential artistry, they’re not just shoppers; they’re connoisseurs of unparalleled retail opulence.

Beyond its homage to tradition, WOF beckons with a curated selection of bespoke creations, a collaboration between JORDAN Brand and local artisans, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the zeitgeist of contemporary Chinese youth culture. With services tailored for the discerning clientele, including bespoke product customization, expedited pickup options, and exclusive member-only events, WOF transcends the realm of mere commerce to become an immersive sanctuary of luxury and style.

Navigating the Opportunities for Growth at Jordan WOF

Jordan WOF was grappling with the imperative to innovate its promotional strategies to bolster brand recognition and attract a wider clientele to its upscale retail establishment. Conventional retail promotional methods, such as print advertisements and window displays, proved insufficient in terms of both reach and engagement with customers. In response, Jordan WOF was actively seeking innovative solutions that could effectively expand its customer base and drive foot traffic to its store.

Empowering the Jordan WOF Experience: Partnering with Kivisense AR

After conducting a thorough evaluation, they resolved to utilize Kivisense AR experiences as a captivating lure, enticing a plethora of users to indulge in an enriched shopping expedition at the store.

Kivisense offered customers an immersive journey through the store, blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds. This bold move positioned Jordan WOF as a leader in retail innovation, committed to delivering unforgettable customer experiences and embracing the future of retail.

Kivisense AR has designed three AR experiences—landmark AR, AR maps, and image AR—as part of the marketing for the opening of WOF, Jordan Brand’s first high-end flagship store in China, to attract more customer traffic. The offline scan mode offers a truly immersive experience for Jordan’s discerning clientele as they leisurely traverse among the curated array of merchandise.

  • Landmark AR – “Witness the Wonder”: Scan the store building to witness the spectacular opening of an AR cockpit, with the iconic AJ1 shoes boldly taking flight, offering a stunning visual experience courtesy of landmark AR.

aj landmark

  • AR maps – “Flight Navigation”: AR navigation accurately pinpoints the store’s location, expanding the scope of activities and guiding users from within the commercial district to experience and shop at the store.
  • Image AR – “Inspired Collaboration”: AR seamlessly integrates with the store’s featured products, allowing consumers to unlock entertaining AR collaborations while trying on items, capturing trendy moments while boosting exposure and conversion of new products.

aj image ar

Kivisense AR Advances: Solving AR Technical Challenges for Jordan WOF

In order to deliver the most seamless AR experience for Jordan WOF, Kivisense tackled three technical challenges.

  • Challenge 1: The animation display of Image AR needs to be more impactful.
  • Solution 1: The Kivisense team created different HDRs according to requirements, referencing various references to deliver satisfactory animations for Jordan WOF.
  • Challenge 2: There is a conflict between AR navigation and plane AR integration.
  • Solution 2: The Kivisense team adjusted the spatial position of navigation guide arrows to highlight the importance of plane AR objects, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Challenge 3: There are issues with the recognition speed and stability of Landmark AR.
  • Solution 3: The Kivisense team replaced the recognition background, reset recognition orientation, and adjusted animations and models.

Jordan WOF Boosted by Kivisense AR: 10% Increase of New Traffic

Jordan WOF was able to expand the awareness of the store by implementing Kivisense AR mini program. Over the course of 25 days since its launch, the AR experience garnered a total of 297K engagements, representing a significant 49% increase compared to the previous year’s CNY marketing campaign. The number of unique users participating in the experience reached 89K, marking a commendable 12% uptick from last year’s CNY marketing efforts. Furthermore, the average user interaction duration stood at an impressive 00:01:47.

In comparison to the preceding month, the AR QR code witnessed a notable surge in user engagement, with an increase of 2.8K+ in visitor count and a total of 5.6K+ openings.

aj engagement data

In conclusion, the implementation of augmented reality (AR) experiences by Kivisense has proven to be a game-changer for Jordan WOF, significantly impacting new foot traffic to the store. Through immersive AR displays, including landmark recognition, image animations, and integrated navigation, Kivisense has successfully attracted a diverse audience to Jordan WOF, increasing store visibility and engagement.

The exceptional results achieved underscore the effectiveness of Kivisense’s AR solutions in enhancing the retail experience and driving business growth. Their innovative approach has not only surpassed expectations but also set a new standard for leveraging technology to elevate brand presence and customer engagement.

For those seeking to transform their retail experience and boost foot traffic, partnering with Kivisense for cutting-edge AR solutions is undoubtedly a wise investment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your business—take the first step towards success with Kivisense AR today!

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