Kivisense AR Sneaker Try-on SaaS Platform [FREE TRIAL]

With Kivisense AR Sneaker Try-on SaaS Platform, create your AR shopping scenario in 2 minutes for free. No code. Available on Web, App, Shopify.

After the release of the AR shoes try-on service, Kivisense collected feedback from both businesses and customers, and continuously iterated & optimized it from the bottom layer to the rendering layer and to the application layer, which has been recognized by various luxury brands, such as Gucci, Dior, Canada Goose, Valentino, etc. To enable more service providers to implement AR shopping for brands, Kivisense launched the AR Sneaker Try-on SaaS Platform. Here is a detailed analysis of its highlights.

Best AR Try-on SaaS Platform for Beginners

No code is required to create a try-on experience through this new platform. Whether you are a developer, a modeler, or even a designer, you can easily and visually make perfect AR try-on scenarios online.

AR Sneaker Try-on

More Efficient AR Sneaker Try-on Experience

Kivisense has made considerable optimizations on AR algorithms to ensure that AR try-on can run smoothly even in WeChat Mini-program with the largest performance loss. Then brands can promote their products through various channels to achieve omnichannel growth in the Metaverse.

AR Sneaker Try-on

Hyper-realistic 3D Digital Products

Its high-precision 3D rendering engine is capable of highly replicating a wide range of common footwear materials, including leather, fabric, PVC, etc., with a replication rate of more than 95%. Through this hyper-realistic 3D footwear models, brands can revolutionize customer experience for better engagement and sales conversion rates.

3D Gucci Sneaker

Highly Compatible with Multiple Platforms

Once your AR sneaker try-on scenario is completed, you can integrate it into your official website, App, EC SaaS Platform like Shopify, WeChat Mini-program, social media platforms, etc., to significantly improve your private traffic and sales conversion.

Image-based 3D Modeling in the Cloud

Maybe you’re wondering if there’s an app to make 3D models from pictures, and that’s even better. Fortunately, the upcoming Kivisense APP will help you complete the data collection and automate 3D modeling, greatly reducing your cost. All you need to do is capture objects or scenarios from different angles with your camera or phone and upload them to the cloud. With the power of cloud computing, the app can convert your digital photos into 3D models in minutes and automatically load texture information. Here are five tips for better effects:

  • It is recommended that you purchase a small photo studio and place your objects on a white surface
  • Light Modeling: Instead of considering the physical model, image-based 3D modeling generally focuses more on light modeling. We recommend you to buy fill light for a soft lighting without strong shadows on one side.
  • Multi-angle Shooting: The camera should capture views of your object from different angles, including upward view, horizontal view, 45-degree vertical view, 90-degree vertical view, etc. Take 18 to 36 shots from each angle for a total of 72 to 144 shots, but no more than 200. Make sure all these images are spaced at the same angle.
  • Picture Quality: During the capturing, the screen proportion of your object should be as large and complete as possible without any soft focus, motion blur or camera shake blur.
  • Other tips: Make sure you don’t take pictures through glass. If you need to photograph the bottom of an object, flip it over and continue.
Image-based 3D Modeling


How do we create amazing experiences with the Kivisense AR Sneaker Try-on SaaS Platform? Here is a beginner video tutorial for your reference. Sign up now and create your AR try-on scenario for free.

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