AR Ads 2021 – Digital Marketing Hacks to Boost Conversions

AR advertising is a highly interactive and accessible way to deliver messages to consumers. Boost sales and ROI with digital marketing hacks - AR ads.

A growing number of businesses are investing more in augmented reality advertising to stand out from their competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is a highly interactive, more interesting, and accessible way to deliver information to consumers. The rapid growth of social media and search engines is also enough to prove that digital marketing is beneficial for businesses. AR technology will undoubtedly change the way the digital advertising market works because it involves advertising in various industries, such as clothing, cosmetics, education, health care, furniture, etc. Here are the benefits of AR advertising and how to effectively increase conversion rates with digital marketing hacks in 2021.

AR Ads Become the Real Game-Changer for Marketing

According to data from We Are Social, there are nearly 4.5 billion active Internet users worldwide, which means that brands need to do a lot of marketing to reach more potential customers. How to thrive in the DTC (direct-to-consumer) model and stand out from many competitors? At this point, digital marketing hacks 2021 will be particularly important.

90% of advertisers in the United States use AR in their advertising campaigns based on the BCG Marketing Executive Benchmarking Study. Will AR become more popular? The worldwide market size for augmented reality is projected to grow from $283 billion in 2018 to $646 billion in 2024, according to Statista. The total consumer downloads of augmented reality apps worldwide are expected to exceed 5.5 billion in 2022, which represents a significant increase from the 1 billion downloads in 2016.

AR Market Size

With the constant updating of technology, the AR market is undoubtedly about to explode, with data from Statista forecasting it will grow from $3.5 billion in 2017 to $198 billion by 2025. Check out the four reasons below why AR ads will reshape the future of marketing.

1. AR Ads Creates an Emotional Connection with Consumers

Unlike traditional picture or banner advertisements, AR ads create a magic that allows users to feel the visual impact and enjoy an immersive experience. For consumers, interacting with AR advertising is like playing a video game like RubyGarage, and you can imagine how emotional you get when you go deep into the competitive mode.

Another kind of interaction with AR is to virtually try on shoes, eyewear, jewelry, watches, clothing, etc., which make it possible for users to visualize how they would look, create positive memories related to the brand, increase brand loyalty, and add products to the cart. The emotional connection will be a great tool to increase user engagement and build a company’s reputation, allowing consumers to recall them perfectly even after a period of time.

AR Advertising

According to Nielsen’s Superdata Report, 61% of consumers voluntarily share interesting AR ads, with 35% of them sharing with social media followers and 26% sharing with close friends and family. It demonstrates their emotional connection to an ad, making them share information immediately.

The Arctic Home Campaign, launched by Coca-Cola and the World Wide Fund (WWF) to protect polar bears and their natural habitat, was a successful AR campaign at the Science Museum in London. All visitors were able to see the impact of environmental changes on polar bears and interact with them in real-time. The positive emotional connections built in this way not only boost sales, but also create a good reputation.

AR Digital Marketing

2. Drive Sales Conversion with AR Try-on Ads

AR try-on, as a derivative of AR advertising, has become an innovative promotion method for brands. You can imagine seeing a traditional cosmetic contact lenses advertisement on your way home from work. You are fascinated by its amazing photos, but are you sure it is perfect for you? With AR technology, you no longer have to worry about unsuitable products and troublesome returns. Consumers can instantly try on hundreds of styles of each product, proving that AR brings a longer interactive experience and effectively increases ROI conversion rates.

Many e-commerce businesses have also built their own official websites and integrated AR engines, such as Kivisense AR try-on service, to boost their private traffic, increase user engagement & brand awareness, and drive sales conversion.

Integrate AR to Digital Marketing

3. Significantly Enhance Advertising Performance

Visual products are cool and interesting, which can deepen customers’ high recognition and good reputation. To achieve more accurate and personalized AR ads recommendation, digital advertising relies on data analysis on social platforms or advanced machine learning algorithms to deeply analyze users’ behavior and interests. This is not only the most efficient way to get customers interested in your product, but also direct them to become your potential customers. No one comes here just to see an ad, but rather to be a cool player for each product. Innovative digital marketing will bring you a “See Now Buy Now” model and revolutionize the shopping experience.

4. Improve User Experience

The release of creative WebAR stickers reduces the difficulty of AR usage, and provides more interesting gameplay and better user experience. These interesting scenarios created with advanced AR technology have a reputation around the world and are very popular on your social media platforms.

Can’t wait to create an AR ad for your brand to drive more engagement and ROI conversion? Keep reading the following part.

Implement AR Advertising to Boost Sales Conversion

You can apply for an AR software development kit (SDK), but it’s hard to choose a specialist from the many companies in the market. It is recommended that you first figure out what functions you need from the SDK. In addition, strong coding skills are particularly required when using the AR toolkit. There are usually no developers in digital advertising agencies to do this, but you can work with a reliable technology partner who will deeply analyze your project and define the most appropriate AR SDK. After several tests, research and comparison, we found a professional team — Kivisense, which is dedicated to providing lightweight AR solutions for businesses. Its all-in-one engine mainly includes:

WebAR try-on for sneakers, rings, eyewear, high jewelry, watches, etc.

● Kivicube WebAR Authoring Platform for digital AR campaign (image, real object, world tracking in real-time)

Gucci AR Eyewear Try-on

The advantages are highlighted below:

Professional development team: focus on the development of Computer Vision algorithms, including Web-based image tracking and recognition, face tracking and recognition, iris tracking, object tracking, world tracking, etc., to help create innovative AR scenarios.

Creative design & 3D team: create more interesting and creative AR ads based on the specific needs of customers.

Multi-platform integration: AR engine supports integration across multiple platforms, such as Web, App, even EC SaaS like Shopify, etc.

Flexible service: not only provide customized Web-based augmented reality solutions, but also provide professional AR engine integration services for teams with development capabilities.


Some users define their smartphone’s camera as their connection to the world, as more and more people voluntarily interact with the world through its lens. Because of the engagement, interactivity, and efficiency of augmented reality ads, marketers see them as an opportunity to create a brand-new shopping experience that combines the physical world with digital reality. Many popular luxury brands, such as Dior, Gucci, Pomellato, TTDEYE, etc., have already implemented this technology, and more are expected to follow them. Try this digital marketing hack now! If you can share your thoughts below, we’d love to discuss them with you.