AR for E-commerce: Benefits + Case Studies for a Transformed Industry

Stay ahead of the curve! AR for ecommerce is a growing trend that can help you compete more effectively online.

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    AR for E-commerce: Understanding the Growth Trend

    Online shopping is getting a major makeover, thanks to a cool tech called AR (augmented reality). It’s not just some futuristic idea anymore – leading stores are using AR to grab customers’ attention and boost sales.

    Current trends paint a clear picture:

    • Market Boom: The AR software market in e-commerce is exploding, reaching an estimated $47.88 billion by 2023 (according to The Business Research Company). This rapid rise shows that both businesses and shoppers are jumping on the AR bandwagon.

    Check Augmented Reality’s Global Market Report in 2024:

global report AR

Source: The Business Research Company

  • Shoppers Want It: Studies show that over 32% of shoppers already use AR while shopping (thanks to REYDAR for the info), proving it’s a hit. By 2024, there will be 1.74 billion mobile AR users worldwide.
  • Retailers Are Taking Notice: A new report from SkyQuest Technology reveals a growing trend of retailers using AR. While 24% of stores already offer AR experiences, another 26% are exploring its potential.

Even though the market is hot and shoppers want it, not many stores are using AR yet. This is a golden opportunity for smart businesses to stand out and grow their sales!

Now that you know why AR is a big deal, let’s dive into the ways it can help your e-commerce business. We’ll explore how AR tools like 3D models, interactive livestreams, and more can totally change the online shopping game, leading to a big boost in your business.

Exploring the Approach of AR in E-commerce

This cool tech called AR (augmented reality) used to be just a dream, but now it’s a powerful tool that helps businesses like yours and changes how customers shop. Let’s see how AR can unlock big growth for your online store:

Captivate Customers with AR

  • Engaging Ads with AR: Imagine phone ads where you can tap and see cool animations, details, or even how-to guides for the product.

  • Live Shopping with a Twist: Picture a fashion show where you can see clothes on models and virtually try them on yourself! AR makes live shopping interactive.

Chopard Livestreaming:

chopard livestreaming
  • No More Confusing Manuals: Ditch those paper manuals! AR lets customers scan a code and see interactive tutorials or 3D exploded views right on the product itself.

ar manual

Source: Quytech

  • Gift-Giving Fun with AR: Imagine giving a gift and the recipient scans a code to “unwrap” it virtually in their own space! AR makes gift-giving more exciting.

Tap the AR Olaf game to get gifts:

olaf AR gaminification

Boost Conversions and Reduce Returns with AR Features

Try Before You Buy: No more guessing. AR lets customers see makeup on their face, furniture in their home, or glasses on their head before they buy.

Check Kivisense Necklace Virtual Try-On:

tiffany AR try on

Virtual Showrooms for Sales Teams: Salespeople can use AR to show products virtually to customers, letting them see them in different settings and interact with features.

Virtual Showroom of Chopard:

Streamline Operations with AR-powered Tools

Faster Warehousing with AR: Imagine warehouse workers scanning items and seeing product info right there on the shelves! AR helps locate items and speeds up picking and packing.

ar warehouse management

Source: Connected – PC Connection

AR Makes Fixing Easier: Scan a product code and AR shows you what’s inside, offers troubleshooting steps, or even plays a video tutorial right on the product itself!

ar troubleshooting

Source: WWD

Benefits of Augmented Reality for Ecommerce

AR (augmented reality) is like a magic trick for online stores. It can be amazing, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you jump in. Here’s how AR can supercharge your store.

Unlocking Benefits with AR

  • Awareness & Interest:AR experiences can grab attention and create a memorable first impression, sparking customer interest in your brand or product.
  • Pre-Purchase:AR allows for virtual try-on, product visualization at home, and detailed information access, fostering informed purchase decisions.
  • Purchase:AR can streamline the checkout process by providing product information readily available within the AR experience, leading to a smoother purchase.
  • Loyalty:AR can enhance the post-purchase experience with interactive features or educational content, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-World Examples of AR in E-commerce

AR (augmented reality) isn’t just a fancy idea anymore. Businesses are already using it and seeing great results. Here are some inspiring stories:

Sephora’s Virtual Artist App: This app lets people try on makeup virtually. While specific numbers aren’t available, Sephora’s website says people love it and use it a lot.

Note: Several online articles discussing AR in ecommerce reference the 30% conversion rate increase for Sephora’s app, but they don’t cite a specific source for this data.

sephora virtual artist app

Source: Beauty Packaging

Kivisense Virtual Try-On App: This app lets people virtually try on clothes, glasses, and more. Brands that use Kivisense have seen sales go up by 3.5 times! That’s a big jump.

Some virtual try-on examples:

virtual try on app

Explore More:

TTDeye AR Try On | Tiffanys 3D Showcase and AR Fitting | Jordan WOF AR Experience

Beyond Sales, There are Other Benefits:

People Spend More Time Looking: A giant Chinese online store called Alibaba added AR to their product listings. People who saw the AR listings spent 70% more time looking at those products.

More People Click: L’Oreal used AR to let people virtually try on makeup. Because of this, twice as many people clicked on the makeup pages with AR!

Happier Customers: A furniture store called Wayfair lets people see how furniture would look in their homes using AR. This made 20% of their customers much happier.

Using AR for E-commerce: A Step-by-Step Guide

Augmented reality (AR) is making online shopping more exciting! It turns boring product pages into interactive experiences that can help you sell more. This guide will show you 3 easy steps to get started with AR in your store:

1. Find the Perfect Fit for Your Products

Think about what your customers worry about when buying your products. For example, if you sell clothes, people might wonder how they’ll look in them.

Use AR to solve those problems! Clothes stores can offer virtual try-on, and furniture stores can let people see how furniture would look in their homes.

2. Team Up with an AR Pro

Find an AR developer who knows your industry and can create easy-to-use AR experiences. Look for someone who’s made cool things like Kivisense Virtual Try-On, 3D product models, or AR showrooms.

Tell them what you want to achieve and who you’re selling to, so the AR experience fits your overall plan.

3. Make it Easy and Fun for Customers

Once you have AR, make sure it’s easy for people to use. Offer clear instructions and guides to help them explore the AR features.

Use high-quality 3D models that look real, so customers feel like they’re interacting with the actual products.

Keep track of how people use the AR features, how many sales it helps you make, and what your customers think about it. This will help you improve your AR experience over time!

Top-Rated AR Ecommerce Apps: Power Up Your Online Presence

The Kivisense Virtual Try-On App is a game-changer for online shopping! Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • No downloads needed: Just use a link or scan a code and you’re ready to try on clothes virtually! It works right on your phone or computer, no extra apps to install.
  • Trusted by big brands:Fancy brands like Gucci and CHAUMET use Kivisense, so you know it’s good!
  • Fits like a dream:Kivisense uses special technology to make sure clothes look great on anyone, no matter your size or shape.
  • Easy to use:No hassle, just point your phone or computer at yourself and see the clothes magically appear!
  • Customize your look:Want to change the color of a shirt or add some jewelry? Kivisense lets you play around and find the perfect outfit.
  • Try on anything!Kivisense works for all sorts of clothes, from delicate jewelry to complete outfits.

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