16 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in Your E-commerce Store in 2024

This post highlights the best Shopify apps to increase sales and conversions in your e-commerce store in 2024.

In the fast-paced and competitive world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve requires creative tools and methods. One method to accomplish this is to take advantage of Shopify applications, which can help you optimize your store, improve the consumer experience, and ultimately increase sales. Here are the top 16 best Shopify apps to increase sales for your e-commerce store to the next level.

What to Consider When Choosing Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

When choosing the best Shopify apps to increase sales, keep the following criteria in mind: app functionality to meet your specific needs (e.g., marketing, SEO, or customer engagement), ease of use, customer reviews and ratings, integration with your existing tools, pricing and value for money, and customer support quality. It is vital to ensure that the app meets your company goals while also increasing the customer experience.

1. GemPages Landing Page Builder – Landing Page Builder

To selecting Shopify apps for sale, GemPages is a must-have Shopify app that allows merchants to easily construct compelling and high-converting landing pages for their online stores.


  • Used For: Easily create your Shopify page with plenty of templates.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: User-friendly interface with extensive customization options.
  • How it Works: The app includes a variety of layouts for home pages, products, collections, FAQs, blog articles, and landing pages.

2. Gelato – Print on Demand

Gelato is a print-on-demand Shopify software on the top of the list of software that can drive sales growth. It enables businesses to produce and sell personalized products like clothes, accessories, and home decor without the need for inventory management. Gelato manages the printing and fulfillment processes, allowing merchants to concentrate on selling and expanding their online businesses.


  • Used For: Create and sell customized print-on-demand products
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: easy to use with lots and lots of access to more details and inspiration.
  • How it Works: Gelato offers merchants access to downloadable mockups. This indicates that businesses can instantly see how your products will appear in real life. The software also includes stock photos to help shops optimize their product offerings and boost sales.

3. Kivisense Virtual Try On Shoes – Virtual Try On

Kivisense Virtual Try On Shoes uses a 3D rendering technology to recreate several types of shoes online. Before purchasing shoes, consumers can virtually try them on to obtain a realistic sense of how they will appear and fit. This Shopify app provides an excellent shopping experience for customers, enhancing their confidence in their purchases and resulting in improved conversion rates for merchants.

virtual shoes try on shopify

  • Used For: Provide customers with a virtual shoe try-on experience.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: realistic rendering, easy to use, improves customer satisfaction.
  • How it Works: Customers can choose the shoes they like and virtually try them on with their device’s camera. The software adapts the shoes to fit the customer’s feet, displaying a realistic depiction of how they will appear.
  • You May Want to Know: Sign up for a trial now and enjoy daily costs of less than $9.90 per SKU. Save $100 with an annual subscription.

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4. Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer

Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer is a Shopify app designed to tackle two critical challenges for online merchants: website speed and search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re seeking for the best free Shopify apps to increase sales, don’t miss out.

tapita seo

  • Used For: fix slow website speed issues and help a website reach a high SEO ranking.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: fix one of my critical SEO errors.
  • How it Works: The app’s speed optimizer detects and eliminates performance bottlenecks, ensuring that your website loads quickly and smoothly, lowering bounce rates and increasing visitor engagement. This is accomplished via a variety of strategies, such as picture compression, broken link repair, image alt text modification, and keyword search.

5. AdScale – Facebook Ads, Google Ads

AdScale is a comprehensive advertising solution for Shopify shops that simplifies the creation, management, and optimization of Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.


  • Used For: create, run, and optimize ads on Facebook and Google.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: automates your ad campaigns very well.
  • How it Works: AdScale automates crucial procedures using AI and chatbot to create high-quality text, images, and videos for your ads to target the right audience, allowing merchants to focus on other elements of their business while still obtaining excellent advertising outcomes.

6. Chatra – Live Chat & Chatbot

Chatra stands out among the finest chat Shopify apps for increasing sales. Chatra provides live service and product recommendations to online clients. Merchants are free to conduct other tasks to save time.


  • Used For: Chatbot creates conversations with online visitors to reach checkout.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: Really functional and very easy to use.
  • How it Works: The chatbot can interact with website visitors, answering frequent queries and guiding them through the purchasing process, hence raising conversion rates. Merchants may use Chatra to monitor chat conversations, provide tailored customer service, and ensure that their consumers have a positive buying experience.

7. Presidio – Quiz

Presidio Quiz is a powerful Shopify app that leverages the engaging nature of quizzes to help merchants connect with their customers and drive sales. With Presidio, merchants can easily create professional and engaging quizzes, choosing from 20 professional templates or customizing their designs to match their brand. These quizzes are designed to gather valuable insights about customers’ preferences and needs, allowing merchants to recommend the right products and enhance the shopping experience.


  • Used For: Choose from professional templates or customize your design to recommend the right products to your customers.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: converting customers through the app.
  • How it Works: The app works by letting customers input their favorite ingredients tailored to their interests and shopping history. As customers finish typing, Presidio collects data that can be used to create personalized product recommendations.

8. GOAFFPRO – Affiliate Marketing

Check out GOAFFPRO, one of the best Shopify marketing apps. GOAFFPRO is a complete Shopify software that allows retailers to easily construct and manage profitable affiliate programs.


  • Used For: build your affiliate marketing program in a few minutes.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: Easy to use for beginners and a lot of possibilities for advanced users.
  • How it Works: Merchant’s cooperative partners could sign up as affiliates. Then they receive a referral link to promote your products on their channel, blog, etc. GOAFFPRO also offers automated referral tracking, order attribution, and a variety of revenue payment alternatives, allowing merchants to evaluate their affiliate marketing strategy over time.

9. Outfy – Automate Social Media Marketing

Outfy is a powerful tool that merchants can use to automate their social media marketing efforts, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. With its AI-driven capabilities, merchants can focus on other aspects of their business.


  • Used For: automatically generate and post eye-catching content like videos, GIFs, and collages on TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: Makes promoting new products really easy.
  • How it Works: Outfy uses AI to automatically make attractive content tailored to your brand style and then publishes it on social media.

10. Klaviyo – Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo is the best email marketing app for Shopify, allowing merchants to communicate with their consumers and boost sales with personalized and targeted communications. Merchants can use its extensive segmentation features to generate segmented lists based on consumer behavior, purchase history, and other pertinent data factors.


  • Used For: improving email marketing with highly personalized emails and texts.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: one of my most used app that I pay for. 
  • How it Works: Once logged in, you can use the built-in AI tools to send emails and create automated templates. Send tailored emails and texts, as well as gather and submit comments.

11. My Bulk – Bulk Discount

My Bulk allows retailers to easily generate and export a wide range of discount codes, which are great for social media campaigns and promotional events.

my bulk

  • Used For: generate and export up to 250,000 discount codes for social campaigns.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: It does what it says and is reliable.
  • How it Works: The app’s user-friendly interface allows merchants to customize their discount codes by clicking “New Discount Set”, which includes the discount prefix, number of discounts, discount type, and discount value. Once generated, the codes can be readily exported and shared across several platforms, making it simple to attract new consumers while rewarding existing ones.

12. UpCart – Upsell

Upcart is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales. UpCart increases merchants’ average order value (AOV) by seamlessly integrating upselling and cross-selling modules into the shopping cart experience.


  • Used For: create in-cart upselling and cross-selling modules to increase AOV.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: The cart upsells have raised our AOV with very little work on our end.
  • How it Works: Once installed, UpCart connects smoothly with your existing store, allowing you to display a free shipping or discount promotion bar to encourage customers to add products.

13. Ordoro – Inventory Management

Ordoro’s inventory management system offers merchants a full solution for simply managing their inventory, suppliers, purchase orders, and more. Ordoro’s real-time tracking, analytics, and notifications help retailers prevent out-of-stock and over-inventory situations.


  • Used For: simplify inventory, shipping, and dropshipping.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: such a helpful tool in streamlining our workflow across several sales channels.
  • How it Works: Ordoro is an all-in-one, user-friendly program that simplifies order processing through barcode scanning and order verification. Merchants may manage inventory and orders from multiple warehouses, sales channels, and marketplaces.

14. AutoDS – Dropshipping

If you’re seeking for the best product sourcing apps for Shopify, AutoDS is a great option. AutoDS is a comprehensive dropshipping program that simplifies the entire process for merchants. AutoDS allows merchants to simply search and import products from a variety of vendors, automatically fulfill orders, and track shipments in real time.


  • Used For: import and fulfill orders from dropshipping suppliers.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: a one-stop app for all our dropshipping needs.
  • How it Works: It facilitates product research and importation by providing a database of popular products from providers such as AliExpress and Amazon. AutoDS monitors and updates inventory and prices in real time to ensure accurate listings. It also automates order fulfillment by connecting customers directly with suppliers.

15. AfterShip Tracking – Order Tracking

AfterShip is a shipment monitoring software that allows businesses and customers to track the delivery status of their products. It works with a variety of eCommerce platforms and offers tracking from over 1100 carriers globally.

aftership order checking

  • Used For: generate brand tracking page with personalized product recommendations to increase sales.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: the best tracking app.
  • How it Works: To reassure worried clients, AfterShip provides automatic email and SMS notifications, as well as an AI-driven predicted delivery date. Merchants can use built-in analytics to learn about shipping status and on-time performance.

16. Rivo – Loyalty and Referrals

Rivo Loyalty & Rewards enables merchants to establish and manage customer loyalty programs. It enables businesses to create customized point systems, referral prizes, and VIP tiers. Customers gain points for behaviors such as purchases, recommendations, and social media activity, which they can then redeem for discounts or free products. This encourages repeat business and increases customer involvement.


  • Used For: provide loyalty solutions that improve their products.
  • Keywords mentioned most by users: Everything worked flawlessly from day one and support has been exceptional for the few times I’ve needed it.
  • How it Works: Rivo encourages recurring purchases with incentive-based advantages and special deals while increasing AOV with customizable prizes that stimulate “add to cart” and redeemable points that keep customers shopping.


These three 16 Shopify applications for sale, when combined, can provide a formidable strategy for e-commerce firms, allowing them to drive sales growth. Whether it’s accurate listings, real-time tracking, or incentive loyalty programs, these solutions give merchants the tools they need to compete in the competitive e-commerce industry.

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