Discover the Best Free Shopify Apps to Boost Retail Sales

Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce venture with our meticulously curated collection of the best free Shopify apps. These best free apps on Shopify elevate every facet of your online store.

In this article, we’ll delve into a variety of best free Shopify apps tailored to elevate your e-commerce game. From harnessing the power of email marketing to mastering the art of upselling, designing an engaging website, implementing subscription models, and leveraging the impact of customer reviews, we’ll explore each facet of online selling with actionable insights and practical tips. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, this guide is your roadmap to enhancing customer engagement, increasing sales, and fostering long-term success in the competitive digital marketplace.

Note: When it comes to best free Shopify apps, most options on Shopify follow a paid strategy. We will opt for software that totally free or offers free trials.

Best Free Shopify Apps for User Experience Optimization

Get ready to supercharge your Shopify store with a selection of game-changing free apps tailored specifically for user experience optimization. In this introduction, we’ll dive into a curated list of must-have tools designed to boost your ecommerce success without breaking the bank.

1. Kivisense Virtual Try On Shoes

Kivisense Virtual Try On Shoes  is a cool AR app for trying on shoes virtually. It’s like having a virtual shoe closet! With Kivisense, stores can let customer try before you buy shoes, keep customers engaged longer on their product pages and give them a super realistic try-on experience, making them more likely to buy. Plus, stores can tweak the virtual shoe sizes to fit just right.

Virtual Try On

  • Key feature: AR Virtual Shoes Try On
  • Why you should use it: it can solve the problem of users being unable to try on products online, which improves user satisfaction, boosts product sales, increases website traffic, and cultivates customer loyalty for your brand. In addition to shoe try-ons, Kivisense also provides full-body AR recognition and multi-category try-on. Click to explore augmented reality clothing.

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2. SEO Image Optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer Wizard is a free image optimizer that systematically enhances website images to improve website speed. Additionally, its website evaluation feature can rank your website, making it convenient for you to understand areas where your store can improve.

  • Tip: Totally Free.

seo image wizard

  • Key feature: SEO image optimizer.
  • Why you should choose it: it requires one-click image optimization solution. You are free to compare your store with other competitors.

Best Free Shopify Apps for Email

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, establishing a robust online presence is paramount for success. Amidst the myriad of digital marketing strategies available, email marketing stands out as a timeless and powerful tool for online store sellers. With its unparalleled ability to directly engage with customers, foster brand loyalty, and drive sales, email marketing has become an indispensable component of any effective marketing strategy. In this era of constant connectivity, crafting compelling email campaigns tailored to target audiences can serve as a cornerstone for online retailers seeking to expand their reach, cultivate meaningful relationships with customers, and ultimately thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

Read on to get free Shopify apps for Email:

1. EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups

One of the key points in e-commerce is how to retain more users. EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups is a software that boosts conversion rates by adding discount pop-ups to retain users. Merchants can customize these pop-ups to ensure they align with their brand identity. Whether you’re using Klaviyo, Mailchimp, SMSBump, Privy, or any other platform, EcomSend Email Popups will seamlessly integrate to assist you.


  • Key feature: Email and SMS Marketing
  • Why you should pick it: it increases the conversion rate of email users and gets more subscribers.

2. Shopify Email App

Email marketing is crucial for maintaining lasting connections with customers. Shopify Email is tailor-made for businesses keen on expanding their email marketing reach. With its automated templates, it’s a breeze to craft campaigns that resonate with the needs of your target customers.

shopify email

  • Key feature: a bunch of email templates.
  • Why you should pick it: it tracks click-through rate and increases customer retention.

3. TYDAL Popups – Email Pop ups

TYDAL Popups lets you personalize discount designs and pop-up windows. Once customers drop their email addresses, the software slots them right into your Shopify customer list, helping you grow your email marketing circle bit by bit.

tydal popups

  • Key feature: User-friendly popup editor, design popup in minutes.
  • Why you should pick it: it expands your email marketing in a simple way.

Best Free Apps on Shopify – Upselling

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, maximizing revenue isn’t just about attracting new customers, but also about capitalizing on existing ones. With strategic upselling, online store sellers can significantly boost their bottom line while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction. By intelligently showcasing complementary products or enticing customers with upgraded versions, sellers can not only increase their average order value but also deepen customer loyalty. In this dynamic environment, mastering the art of upselling is not just advantageous; it’s essential for staying ahead in the game.

Ready to elevate your sales strategy? Let’s explore the best free apps on Shopify for upselling together.

1. BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell

It’s about time to get ahead on planning for summer sales. Try out BOGO+ and throw in some freebies to bump up the value of orders. Automatically add gifts based on the amount in users’ shopping carts.

bogo upsell

  • Key feature: Free gifts strategy and customizable widgets.
  • Why you should pick it: it maximizes the order value of existing customers.

2. Rapi Bundle Quantity Breaks

Rapi Bundle Quantity Breaks is like your go-to buddy for bundling products. It helps boost the average order value with all sorts of deals like bundling, coupons, and buy one get one free offers. If you’ve got a bunch of different products and need tiered discounts, this free bundling software is the way to go.

rapi bundle

  • Key feature: employ easy setup to boost profits with bundling and other strategies.
  • Why you should pick it: it handles bundle plan and boost revenue for each order.

Best Free Apps Shopify for Website & Product Design

In the digital realm, a website serves as the virtual storefront for any online store seller, embodying their brand identity, values, and product offerings. It’s about creating an immersive and shopping experience that captivates visitors and converts them into loyal customers. From intuitive navigation to visually engaging product displays, every element plays a crucial role in shaping the customer journey. In today’s competitive online marketplace, a well-designed website isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity for any seller striving to stand out and succeed. Ready to transform your online presence into a powerhouse of sales? Let’s delve into the best free Shopify apps of website design for online store sellers.

1. Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer supports you in designing any type of product, offering numerous advanced templates. It’s ideal for businesses looking to quickly create personalized product designs.

  • Tip: 15 days free trial.

fancy product design

  • Key feature: AI support for background removal, image generation, and image upscaling.
  • Why you should pick it: it has simple setup and AI features.

2. Qstomizer – Custom Products

Qstomizar helps local businesses customize products like T-shirts, mugs, shoes, and more. With over 200 product templates and the option to create your own, this software lets you add that personal touch to your merchandise.

  • Tip: 15 days free trial.


  • Key feature: 200+ products templates and AI background removal.
  • Why you should pick it: If you’re running a clothing or small items business, why not give product template creation a go?

3. EComposer Landing Page Builder

EComposer Landing Page Builder assists businesses in effortlessly crafting landing pages right within the editor. From homepages to product pages, article pages to shopping cart pages, and even 404 pages, it covers all your needs.

  • Tip: Free for 1 landing page and 10 templates.

ecomposer landing builder

  • Key feature: drag and drop page builder, no coding required for editor.
  • Why you should pick it: it has advanced functions like page analysis, lazy loading, and more.

Best Shopify Apps Free for Subscription

Subscriptions have emerged as a powerful tool for online store sellers to foster customer loyalty and recurring revenue. By offering curated, personalized experiences delivered on a recurring basis, sellers can deepen their connection with customers and create a steady stream of income. In this introductory guide, we’ll explore the best free subscription app for Shopify, uncovering strategies to enhance customer engagement and maximize profitability in the digital marketplace.

1. Seal Subscriptions App

The Seal Subscriptions App helps local businesses set up subscriptions for recurring income. Its data tracking features enable merchants to monitor subscribers, customer churn rates, and other valuable information.

  • Tip: Free for 150 subscriptions.

seal subscription

  • Key feature: customizable subscription and tiered discounts.
  • Why you should pick it: it offers data tracking feature to analyze and cultivate customer loyalty.

2. Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions aids businesses in expanding customer subscriptions while offering subscription management functionalities. You can actively monitor subscription performance and optimize subscription strategies based on results.

  • Tip: 30 days free trial.

recharge subscriptions

  • Key feature: Code-free customization and sell bundles of products.
  • Why you should pick it: With its robust and adaptable subscription experience, it offers users the freedom to choose bundled products, earning trust from over 20,000 brands.

Best Free Reviews App for Shopify

Customer reviews wield unparalleled influence, shaping purchasing decisions and establishing trust in online store sellers. Positive reviews serve as powerful endorsements, while constructive feedback presents invaluable opportunities for improvement. In this brief overview, we’ll explore the significance of reviews for online store sellers, uncovering strategies to encourage positive feedback, manage reputations, and leverage customer insights to drive growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Loox – Product Reviews App

Loox is a widget that helps businesses showcase product reviews. It automatically collects reviews with videos and photos from emails and review forms, making customers trust your products more.

  • Tip: Free 100 review request emails.

loox review

  • Key feature: Sync reviews to and from the Shop app, Meta Shops, Google Shopping and Search.
  • Why you should pick it: it provides automatic reviews collection.


In conclusion, exploring the best free apps for Shopify can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your online store. By incorporating user experience optimization, email marketing, upselling techniques, website design enhancements, subscription management, and review management tools, you can create a seamless and engaging shopping experience for your customers while maximizing conversion rates and revenue potential. These diverse app options empower Shopify merchants to fine-tune their operations, drive traffic, and build lasting relationships with their audience, ultimately leading to sustained success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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