AR Shopping | 2024’s Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement & Sales Success

This article explores how online retail is leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) in 2024. It discusses AR shopping trends and explains how businesses can utilize Retail AR to enhance the customer experience.

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Unleash the Power of AR Shopping: Latest Trends

AR, or Augmented Reality, overlays digital elements like 3D objects and info onto the real world you see through a smartphone or headset. AR-based shopping uses augmented reality to let you virtually try on clothes, see furniture in your room, or visualize makeup before you buy online. It’s like having a showroom at home!

AR shopping has a strong chance of being a significant part of the future of online retail, with strong consumer interest and a growing market. Here’s some data to support that:

AR Shopping Online: Soaring Market Growth

  • Consumer Demand: Over 66% of people globally say they are interested in using AR for shopping according to a Google Consumer AR Survey. According to thinkwithgoogle, more than 90% of Americans currently use, or would consider using, AR for shopping.
  • Market Growth: According to marketsandmarkets, the Augmented Reality (AR) shopping market size is projected to reach USD 11.6 billion by 2028 from USD 3.4 billion in 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28.0%.

ar shopping market

  • 2024 AR trend: As explained by a trend report by Forbes citing insights from MobiDev, this year, we’re seeing a rise in AR shopping experiences powered by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the increasing popularity of AR wearables.

AR Shopping Transforms In-Store Experiences

Forget bulky furniture displays or limited product information in-store. AR Shopping is transforming the way we shop offline. Imagine pointing your phone at a product and instantly seeing detailed specs or even a 3D model in your living room. This bridge between physical and digital worlds is boosting customer engagement. Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey found that 61% of consumers are more likely to shop at a store that offers AR experiences.

While it might not be the sole future, AR offers a more engaging and informative shopping experience, potentially leading to higher customer satisfaction and sales.

Unlocking Value: The Benefits of AR Shopping for Businesses

AR shopping is rapidly transforming the retail landscape, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. This innovative technology offers a treasure trove of benefits for both online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores.

E-Commerce: AR Shopping Power Up Online Presence

AR bridges the gap between customers and products,creating a more immersive and interactive shopping experience. See the key benefits for E-Commerce:

  • Immersive Experiences: Users can interact with products directly within the product interface.
  • Enhanced Purchase Confidence: Users can visualize the product’s appearance, reducing concerns about receiving items that don’t suit their needs.
  • Grasping Product Design and Brand Identity: Users can better appreciate the unique design and brand characteristics through dynamic virtual product representations.
  • Reduced Return Rates: AR’s realistic 3D rendering instills confidence in users, ensuring they receive the products they desire.

ar shopping model

Source: Kamilla Altynbassova

AR Shopping in Retail: Interactive Displays & Informed Customers

AR enhances customer engagement and satisfaction by providing richer information and bridging the limitations of physical displays. Check the quick recap of benefits for retail:

  • Interactive Product Information: Point your phone at a product and instantly access detailed specs, customer reviews, or even instructional videos. This empowers informed decision-making without relying on sales associates.
  • Virtual Try-On & Product Placement: In stores with limited display space, AR bridges the gap by showcasing a wider range of options and color variations, freeing up valuable physical space.
  • Interactive Displays & Product Discovery: AR displays can provide fun ways to learn about products, trigger personalized recommendations, or even initiate interactive games.

ar furniture placement

Source: siva subrahmanyam

Inspiring AR Shopping Experiences (Case Studies Included)

Some top brands have already embraced the market of augmented reality. Let’s discover which ones:

Virtual Try-On: See it Before You Buy It

Virtual try-on technology can be applied to various categories of products, including Shoes, Watch, Clothes, Jewelry, and Bags.

Virtual try-on shoes allow users to virtually adjust size and see how shoes look from multiple angles. Brands like Allbirds, Nike, Puma, and New Balance all utilize virtual try-on for shoes. For watch, Luxury brands like Glashütte and Ulysse Nardin are incorporating AR try-on for watches, allowing customers to see a realistic virtual representation on their wrist.

Try On Virtual Allbirds Shoes:

Try On Virtual Ulysse Nardin and Glashütte Watch:

Ulysse Nardin watch try on
Glashütte watch try on

Deep Dive: Try Before You Buy Shoes | UN Watch Brand

Speaking of clothing, brands like Tommy Hilfiger are embracing virtual try-on for clothes, aiming to enhance the online shopping experience. As to jewelry, Tiffany & Co. uses 3D product displays and AR try-on for jewelry. Burberry is a frontrunner, implementing AR handbag placement for a more realistic online shopping experience.

Try On Virtual Tommy Hilfiger’s Clothes:

tommy hilfiger clothing try on

Try On Virtual Tiffany Necklace:

tiffany AR try on

Explore More: Tommy Hilfiger Virtual Try On | Tiffany AR

AR Filters that Make Shopping a Blast

LOEWE, a Spanish luxury brand, is pushing boundaries by combining tradition with modern technology. Their recent “LOEWE 2023 Holiday Selection Series” featured an AR filter experience, showcasing their innovative spirit alongside a collaboration with a ceramist. 

AR gaming

Deep Dive: Loewe Innovation

M&M’s has created AR filters featuring their characters for brand promotion and user engagement. Quiver Education Apps has used AR to bring textbooks and lessons to life, making learning more interactive and engaging. Taco Bell has used AR filters to promote new menu items by allowing users to virtually interact with the food.

M&M's, Quiver and Taco Bell

Source: lenslist | Google Play | Catchar

Dive into AR Livestreaming

MAC Cosmetics has experimented with AR livestreaming to showcase new makeup collections and offer virtual consultations with makeup artists. IKEA has explored using AR livestreaming to allow viewers to virtually place furniture in their homes during a live broadcast.

ar furniture placement

Source: Bagisto

Luxury brands like Chopard and Ulysse Nardinare taking livestreaming to the next level with AR! Viewers can now dive into the world of high-end watches with features like zooming in for intricate details, enjoying 3D product views, and even virtually trying on timepieces.

Discover Products with AR Pop-ups

A unique retail experience awaits at the Hugo Boss x The Little Prince pop-up. This collaboration transcends a typical shopping trip by incorporating augmented reality (AR). Expect to interact with the charming universe of the story through AR features and captivating visuals. It’s a delightful fusion of fashion and childhood wonder.


During the 2018 World Cup, Coca-Cola set up an AR pop-up in Switzerland where passersby could virtually play football alongside a famous player.

coca cola ar

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) has used AR pop-up installations to overlay additional information and animations onto works of art.

met ar

Source: Hyperallergic

Disney has hosted AR pop-up experiences for Star Wars fans.

star wars ar

Source: Star Wars’ YouTube

AR Fitting Mirror: Get the Perfect Fit from Anywhere

Several major brands have embraced this innovative technology, including retail giants like Zara and Uniqlo. This widespread adoption highlights the growing potential of AR-fitting mirrors to transform the way we shop for clothes.

Zara’s AR Fitting Mirror:

zara fitting mirror

Source: Teen Vogue

Uniqlo’s AR Fitting Mirror:

uniqlo ar fitting mirror

Source: Holition

From Beginner to Pro: Level Up Your AR Shopping Skills with These Tips

With more and more brands joining the “AR battle,” it’s clear this technology is no longer a fad. Imagine offering customers the ability to virtually try on clothes, see furniture in their homes, or explore products in 3D – all from the comfort of their phones. Don’t get left behind! Embrace the future of retail and unlock the potential of AR. It’s time to elevate your customer experience, boost sales, and become a leader in innovation. Join the AR revolution today!

1. Target Your Channels: Website, app, or social media? Focus on where customers browse.

2. Pinpoint Hesitation: What stops them from buying (visualization, info, comparison)? AR can help!

3. Choose the Right AR App: For those seeking the virtual try-on app to elevate your E-commerce experience. Kivisense Virtual Try-On App empowers brands to seamlessly integrate AR into their online stores. Customers can experience a natural and realistic virtual try-on, viewing products from all angles – ideal for glasses, jewelry, and more!

4. Deploy AR-Powered QR Codes: Strategic placement with clear instructions get customers engaged.

5. Gather Feedback, Refine & Grow: Surveys, sales data, and reviews help you optimize your AR experience.

By following these steps and continuously refining your AR strategy, you can transform your online shopping experience, increase customer engagement, and drive sales growth.

Key takeaways:

  • AR is becoming an increasingly important tool for e-commerce businesses to provide personalized and immersive shopping experiences.
  • AR can help businesses increase sales, reduce costs, and improve brand image.
  • Many industries have employed AR – Furniture, Makeup, Fashion, Social, etc.
  • E-commerce companies need to carefully consider the target audience and data privacy issues when using AR.

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