[Look No Further] Best Apps on Shopify to Increase Sales and Boost Conversions

This article is to introduce the best apps on Shopify for online store owners, especially those who are looking for free solutions. We'll cover the best free apps on shopify in each category.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to Shopify apps. Whether you need a powerful marketing tool, an efficient inventory management system, or excellent customer support, Shopify’s enormous app store has you covered. We’ll examine the best apps on Shopify in this post, paying special attention to those that truly enhance sales on your online store.

Best Shopify Apps for Website Design

Online merchants require good website design to attract and retain customers. A well-designed website improves user experience by making navigation simple and shopping straightforward. It improves trust and credibility, lowers bounce rates, and boosts conversions. A visually beautiful, mobile-friendly design promotes accessibility and competition in the digital marketplace, resulting in increased sales and consumer satisfaction.

Replo Landing Page Designer

Replo enables marketing team to use page templates for creating their landing page.

replo landing page designer


  • 100+ high-quality page templates.
  • Create new landing pages faster.


  • Free for preview.
  • $99 per month for releasing 10 pages.

Best Apps on Shopify – Virtual Try-On

As of 2024, an estimated 2.64 billion people worldwide engage in online shopping. These figures underscore the sustained growth of e-commerce and the significant challenges posed to the online shopping experience. To retain customers on your product selection page, reduce return rates, and boost revenue, integrating virtual try-on technology is a strategic move in the digital era. This user-friendly application allows customers to virtually try on products, thereby increasing the time they spend on product pages and enhancing order conversion rates by up to 3.5 times.

Kivisense Virtual Try On Shoes – AR Virtual Shoes Try-On

With Kivisense Virtual Try On Shoes, your store can do instant AR virtual shoe try-on to create a well-pleasing shopping experience with the high-precision 3D digital product display and increase user engagement.

Kivisense shoes virtual try on


  • Employ QR code, easy to use.
  • Lifelike 3D shoes model.
  • Real-time AR try-on effect.
  • Boost product sales and conversion.

Price: Sign up for a trial now  and enjoy daily costs of less than $9.90 per SKU. Save $100 with an annual subscription.

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Best Print-on-Demand Apps for Shopify

Merchants harness the best print-on-demand app for Shopify to reduce inventory risks, save upfront expenses, and offer personalized items. These programs handle production, printing, and shipping, allowing retailers to focus on design and marketing. This methodology allows for rapid growth and testing of new products without requiring a large financial commitment.

1. Printify: Print on Demand

With Printify, you can customize various products within seconds. Print suppliers are distributed globally, allowing them to print, package, and ship orders according to your requirements.



  • Customize a wide range of products easily.
  • No need to purchase inventory.
  • Simple operations for a new product creation.

Price: Free for 5 online stores; $29 per month for 10 online stores.

2. Printful: Print on Demand

Speaking of the best print on demand app for Shopify, Printful can make it to the top of the rankings. You don’t need to worry about the inventory issues. Printful support to print and package your products heading to your customers.



  • Easy to create your design.
  • Quick setup.

Price: 14 days free trial.

Best SEO App on Shopify

Do you want to improve your store’s online presence and increase organic traffic? These SEO tools perform keyword research, content improvement, and site analysis to boost search engine rankings.

1. SearchPie SEO & Speed optimize

By improving website visibility, retailers can enhance their chances of being noticed by potential customers, resulting in more traffic and sales. SEO tools also provide information about competitors’ practices, allowing merchants to remain competitive in the online economy.

searchpie SEO


  • Get the latest SEO report.
  • Support to optimize titles, descriptions, and alt tags.
  • Compress images from your pages to reduce loading time.
  • Consider the health of the website by automatically detecting broken URLs.


  • Free for SEO reports about website speed, alt tags, site maps, and image compression. 
  • $9 per month for exploring keywords and more.

2. SEOAnt – AI SEO Optimizer

Short on staff to optimize SEO? Want to catch up with your competitors’ traffic? SEOAnt offers essential SEO strategies, including webpage optimization, keyword research, and SEO ranking improvements, with most tasks being automated.



  • Speed your page loading time both on the web page and AMP by compressing images.
  • Optimize on-page SEO.
  • Detect 404 errors.
  • Use Chatgpt AI to create product descriptions.


  • Free for content SEO optimization of 20 products, automatic image compression of 50 images, and 5 links per day for external link exchanges.
  • $29.99 per month for content SEO optimization of 1,000 products, automatic image compression of 2,000 images, and 20 links per day for external link exchanges.

Best Email Marketing App on Shopify

Merchants rely on email marketing apps to cultivate customer relationships, drive sales, and increase brand loyalty. These apps enable targeted communication through personalized emails, promotions, and newsletters. By segmenting audiences and automating campaigns, merchants can deliver relevant content and offers, optimizing engagement and conversion rates.

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS is a comprehensive marketing automation platform available on Shopify that helps you engage with your customers through email and SMS campaigns. Designed for eCommerce businesses, Omnisend offers a variety of features to streamline your marketing efforts and boost sales.



  • Provide a simple way to send email marketing, newsletters and global SMS campaigns.
  • One-click cart abandonment.
  • Display product reviews from email.

Price: Free for 500 emails and 60 global texts. $16 per month for 6,000 emails and 60 global texts.

Best Apps on Shopify – Upsell

Do you want to maximize the value of every order? Upsell apps help to boost revenue by suggesting additional or higher-priced products to customers, increasing their average order value seamlessly.

Head to best upsell app on Shopify:

1. Upsell & Cross Sell – Selleasy

Selleasy displays upsell offers both before and after purchase, helping to increase order conversion rates. You can create upsell offers manually.



  • Display Amazon style of product promotion bundles.
  • Lightweight widget: cross-sell product plugin.


  • Free for 50 orders per month.
  • $8.99 for 500 orders per month.
  • $16.99 for 500+ orders per month.

2. Essential Free Shipping Upsell

Essential Free Shipping Upsell can display a “Free Shipping” progress bar on your order page, which can increase the value of each order and drive cross-selling at minimal cost.

essential free shipping


  • Add product promotions and cross-selling to increase order value.
  • Highly customization about the cart goal process.

Price: Free for 1,000 booster views per month. $6.99 per month for 10,000 booster views.

Best Free Apps on Shopify – Dropshipping

Dropshipping solutions provide substantial advantages to merchants by improving inventory management and lowering upfront costs. Merchants can offer a varied range of products through these platforms without having to keep physical inventory because suppliers directly fulfill client orders.

Note: Because there are very few completely free and easy-to-use dropshipping apps for Shopify stores, we strive to provide you with the best apps for dropshipping on Shopify that offers a free trial to help optimize your store.

1. AutoDs: AI Dropshipping &POD

AutoDS is one of the best dropshipping apps on Shopify that helps you select eligible products from millions of options and automatically fulfills dropshipping orders. Plus, you won’t need to spend time optimizing product images, prices, titles, and descriptions, as AutoDS includes smart product optimization features.



  • Easy to set up in one click, choose from millions of products from suppliers, and import them to Shopify store. Fulfill 24/7 dropshipping app automation. No need to spend hours searching.
  • Support global dropshipping suppliers, like Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc.

Price: 14 days free trial for 200 product importer. $26.90 per month.

2. Importify – Easy Dropshipping

Importify helps your store find cross-border dropshipping suppliers from the US, China, and the EU, simplifying cross-border dropshipping operations.



  • Monitor other stores to locate the top-selling products in your store.
  • Import products from several suppliers, including AliExpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, etc.
  • Free to edit product descriptions, categories, prices, and other information.

Prices: one-day free trial for importing unlimited products.

Best Apps on Shopify – Reviews

Review apps play a critical role in building trust and reputation. These best app for reviews on Shopify correctly collect, display, and manage customer comments, improving transparency and promoting deeper customer involvement. Favorable reviews not only increase SEO ranks, but they also attract an increasing number of potential customers and improve the store’s reputation, resulting in increased sales and client loyalty.

1. Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me is a customizable review app that helps boost your store’s conversion rate. It can automatically gather photo and video reviews after your email orders are completed, or import reviews from other apps.

judge me reviews


  • Collect unlimited reviews with photos and videos.
  • Display product reviews, star ratings, and other attractive review pages.

Price: Free for unlimited review requests and other basic functions. $15 per month for requiring reviews from all comments pages.

2. Ali Reviews – Product Reviews

When it comes to the best review app on Shopify, Ali Reviews can also hold its own. Ali Reviews uses AI to quickly import high-quality photo reviews into your store. It can also match reviews to the theme of any page, whether it’s the homepage, product page, or cart page, helping to increase conversion rates.

ali reviews


  • Collect reviews automatically by AI.
  • Display compelling reviews, video showcases, and photos on any page.
  • Import reviews by AliExpress Reviews Importer, Amazon, Dsers, and Ali Orders.

Price: Free for 5 reviews; $9.90 per month for 500 reviews; $19.90 per month for 1,500 reviews.

Pick Best Apps on Shopify

Shopify offers a range of powerful apps to enhance your eCommerce store and streamline operations. For print-on-demand services, Printful stands out, allowing you to create and sell custom products without holding inventory. To boost your store’s credibility, Judge.me and Ali Reviews provide comprehensive review management solutions. For SEO optimization, SEOAnt offers automated tools to improve your search engine rankings. AutoDS simplifies dropshipping by automating product selection and order fulfillment. Enhance your product listings with Color Swatch Pug, which enables visually appealing color variants. Selleasy and Essential Free Shipping Upsell help increase order value with effective upsell and cross-sell strategies. Finally, Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS integrates email and SMS campaigns to engage customers and drive sales. These apps collectively ensure your Shopify store is well-equipped to meet customer needs and achieve business growth.

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